9 Best Beauty Tips from Pinterest That You've Got to See ...


9 Best Beauty Tips from Pinterest That You've Got to See ...
9 Best Beauty Tips from Pinterest That You've Got to See ...

These days we have so many places that we can get inspiration and helpful tips and I wanted to share some of the greatest beauty tips from Pinterest with you! Pinterest is not only super addicting but it’s a fab place to get beauty tips, inspiration, share ideas and so much more. Read up on these amazing beauty tips form Pinterest that you might’ve missed and add them to your beauty bank!

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DIY Nail Polish

Here’s one of my favorite beauty tips from Pinterest, make your own nail polish shade using eye shadow! What a great way to recycle an eye color that’s not making your beauty rotation or perhaps you love it but it just got old. All you need is clear nail polish and some eye shadows and you can custom make your very own shade of nail polish!



DIY Puffy Eye Remedy

This handy dandy Pinterest beauty tip offers up eight different ways to deal with puffy eyes and I like simplicity so I wanted to highlight one of the easiest remedies, spoons! Stick a few spoons in the fridge and apply the chilled spoon with the curved side down on your closed eyes and relax. Once the spoons are warm you can apply a couple more spoons to your eyes to further de-puff!



5-Minute Nail Polish Removal Method

If you’re like me and like to frequently paint your nails, you’re sure to find this quick nail polish removal trick helpful! Aside from glitter or dark colored nail polishes, most of my nail polish is fairly easy to remove but this tutorial shows you a way to remove your lacquer in one easy swipe and you’re done!



Face Mapping

Have you ever wondered if the placement of your acne is an indication of a health problem? I had heard of face mapping in the past but honestly I thought it was a bunch of hoo-ha. Boy was I wrong! The areas of your face where acne pops up could be your body telling you that there’s something going on with your body and you need more or less of something. If you keep getting breakouts in the same areas, check out the face map at the site below!



Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment

I love cost-effective beauty tips, and while I love treating myself to high end products, this cheap and easy scalp treatment is just as good as the pricey ones! This simple scalp treatment helps remove build-up, stimulates the scalp, treats dandruff and relieves dry scalp from the winter air. All you need are a few ingredients and you’ve got a decadent treat for your scalp!



Dry Shampoo Spray

I’m a big fan of dry shampoo because it saves time and saves oily roots from looking sad and neglected when you don’t quite have the time to wash your hair. This DIY dry shampoo spray only requires water, cornstarch and rubbing alcohol and you’re ready to walk out the door! Make sure you keep your eyes closed when you spray so it doesn’t get in your eyes. Also, if you don’t like using products with alcohol, you can use cornstarch on your roots and brush it out!



DIY Eyelash Thickening Serum

There are a lot of beauty tips from Pinterest that involve coconut oil and here’s another amazing one! Combine a drop of lemon essential oil and fractioned coconut oil in a 1/3 oz. size bottle. Fractioned coconut oil isn’t the kind we normally use from jars, it’s actually a fraction of the whole oil with the fat spun out, hence the name. You can find fractioned coconut oil online from Amazon or at some health foods stores.



Super Silky Summer Legs

If you want to start prepping your legs for shorts and swimsuits, this Pinterest beauty tip will get you ready for the hot weather in minutes! With just three inexpensive ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, you can create smoother, silkier legs that your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of!



Advil Zit Zapper

This next Pinterest beauty tip is an amazing tip for beauties on a budget! Beauty expert and founder of Fred Segal Beauty Robin Coe-Hutshing states that popping open a liquid Advil and applying it directly on a pimple will take down swelling right away. This is a fast and easy skin care tip for traveling or when you run out of acne cream!


Try out some of these nifty beauty tips from Pinterest and discover new, budget-friendly and natural ways to primp and preen! Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account, it’s always fun to browse the site and see all the cool things people are pinning! Have you discovered any awesome Pinterest beauty tips before? What’s your favorite?

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Fab tip lol

Thanks for the great tips! I can't wait to try. :)

I am definitely going to try some of these tips! Love it :)

My favourite late night early morning beauty trick came from Pinterest! Apply white eyeliner to waterline of eyes for instantly brighter look!

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