9 Date Night Beauty Essentials That Will Blow Him Away ...


If you have an upcoming first date, or just want some date night beauty tips, then maybe my top date night beauty essentials can give you a head start. I tend to be pretty particular about what beauty products make it into my purse most days, but when it comes to a date night, I’m even more picky than normal. Going on a date is so much fun, or at least it should be, and with the right “tools” in your bag, you can not only feel more secure that you’re prepared in the beauty department, but also keep yourself looking fresh and fabulous all night long. After all, though your guy should care more about you on the inside than what beauty products you own, keeping these date night beauty essentials can help give the night a boost and make you feel a little more pretty too!

1. A Great Lipstick

A Great Lipstick

Now here’s the deal with date night beauty essentials ladies; they don’t have to be complicated! Nor do they have to be expensive. Start with a great lipstick that keeps your lips moisturized and tinted in color, but not overly dramatic. One of my favorites is Burt’s Bees Wax tinted lip color. It looks natural, won’t stain your teeth and keeps your lips super soft. Reapply as needed since hopefully you’ll be chatting away all night and probably need to whip this product out of your bag on a moment’s notice. I love the coral color the most for summer since it offers a fresh fun twist that still looks sexy and natural.

A Soft Blush
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