7 Fabulous Beauty Bloggers to Get Inspired by ...


Whenever I have a few extra minutes on my hands, I love to chill out and catch up with my favorite beauty bloggers. Most beauty bloggers these days have a YouTube channel, as well as their own websites, and you can also follow them on social networking sites, such as Twitter. All these are places to connect and catch up to the most recent inspiring posts your favorite beauty bloggers have shared! Read on for a list of my own favorite beauty bloggers that you can be inspired by too!

1. Carah Amelie

Without a doubt, Carah Amelie is my number one, top favorite beauty blogger of all beauty bloggers! She has so many amazing tutorials on makeup, hair, DIY, and even fashion! You can find just about anything you are looking for on her channel, and you won’t leave empty-handed. She also has a channel on the side for filming vlogs, so you can get a look into her everyday life. Her makeup tutorials are my fave, but if you go to her seeking hair help or fashion advice, you won’t be disappointed!

Dulce Candy
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