7 Home Remedies for Acne ...


For some of us, the fight against acne is a never ending battle.

Alda's simple but powerful home remedies will definitely help tilt the balance in your favor.

Thank you Alda for a wonderful post!

1. Honey and Cinnamon

1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of cinnamon

A lot of women suffer from acne right before their periods and I am one of the lucky few.3

I usually get acne about 2 weeks before my period and this miracle remedy always helps!

Mix the two in equal proportions, leave in the fridge overnight and use as needed.

You can even use this mixture to prevent acne.

Be careful not to wear a good shirt because it does get drippy from the honey.

Keep it on for a few minutes, then wash it off with warm water and wipe your face dry.

Lemon Juice and Garlic
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