7 LUSH Products to Use ...


I just recently discovered LUSH products, and they are to die for! LUSH is a company that uses fresh, organic, safe synthetics, and the finest essential oils. They also firmly believe in buying ingredients from companies who don't test on animals! They're made fresh, by hand, and using very little preservative or packaging! Who doesn't want to use products like these? I certainly do! Here are my pick of LUSH products to use!

1. Love Lettuce Fresh Face Masks

This is one of the first LUSH products I used, and am now a HUGE fan! Love Lettuce is made of fresh seaweed, 100% pure French lavender oil, honey, ground almonds and almond oils! The ground almonds are great for exfoliating because it scoops up dirt, oil and debris and washes it all away. The honey is a great moisturizer! And, if you didn't know, it's a great mask that can be used for all skin types! At first I was apprehensive because I have very sensitive skin, but zero breakouts after using it and it left my skin feeling soft and supple! Plus, it smells amazing!

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
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