7 Must-read Tips on Removing Makeup Stains ...


As much as I adore makeup, removing makeup stains is not one of my favorite things to do.

I consider myself quite careful when it comes to applying and removing beauty products, but sometimes I end up with some makeup stains that are a major pain to remove out of clothes and other items.2

So if you’re stuck with a stained shirt or just want to be well prepared for when the time comes, try these tips for removing makeup stains so you’ll never be caught with nail polish on your jeans again!

1. Read Labels

Removing makeup stains is a lot easier if you read the care labels of your clothing or whatever item is stained.

For instance, if your garment is dry clean only and you love it, it’s probably best to take it the dry cleaner.2

Point out the stain and identify what the stain is so you don’t take a chance with a piece of clothing you love wearing.

Act Fast
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