7 Beauty Tips for a Fresh "No Makeup" Look...


Take heed of these no-makeup beauty tips and prepare to be amazed at just how chic you can look with fewer beauty products and a light hand.

We’ve all seen those girls who always look naturally gorgeous and their makeup looks very minimal, right?

Well, I’m spilling the beans on the no-makeup look so now we can all look effortlessly fabulous and feel like natural beauties!2

All you need are a few tips to pull off the natural look!

1. Get Tinted

One of the most important no-makeup beauty tips is to have a natural base.

If you feel comfortable going without foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead which looks more natural.

If you’d rather wear foundation, that’s okay too, pick a foundation with a dewy finish for best results and apply with clean fingers or a foundation brush, make sure there aren’t any harsh lines!

2. Cover It up

If you have any blemishes or dark circles around the eyes, be sure to disguise those areas with a concealer and let them stay undercover.2

Use concealer sparingly so you don’t end up accentuating the flaw, if needed, you can always layer the concealer for a more natural, no-makeup look.

Wearing concealer might sound counterintuitive to the whole natural thing, but believe me;

all those girls sporting natural looks are wearing plenty of concealer!

3. Powder Puff Girl

An optional no-makeup beauty tip is to lightly dust translucent powder all over the face after your foundation or tinted moisturizer sets, or leave it as-is.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo the powder or you’ll look made up.

Natural skin has some shine to it, so don’t go completely matte.

4. See Your Shadow

This is another discretionary natural makeup tip;

apply an eye shadow a smidge darker than your natural skin tone and apply all over the lids.

You can also use a shimmery champagne color to highlight your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes as well.

Keep those brows groomed to avoid appearing too natural;

we’re talking about tips for minimalist makeup here, not lazy makeup!

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