10 Reasons to Love ❀️ Your Small Boobs πŸ‘™ for Girls Not ⛔️ Well Endowed ...


As someone who measures in at a 36AA - and that's being generous - I'm well aware of the many reasons to love your small boobs.

Granted, there are a few frustrations (why are all swimsuit tops all designed for B-cups only?) but overall, I'm happy with my convenient travel-sized chesticles.

In a world that embraces everything big-boobed, why am I small but happy?

Read on, my fellow A-cups.

Here's a short list of the reasons you should love your small boobs, too.

1. The Fashion

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The gorgeous Keira Knightley is living proof that a plunging v-neckline was made for those with A-cup breasts.

There's no danger of the girls getting away from us, causing a nip-slip or other wardrobe malfunction when they're so meek and well-behaved.

Really, there is no top that's off-limits for a girl without much on top.

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