7 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Face ...


If you’re looking for a way to get a slimmer face without exercising or dieting, you’ve come to the right place!2

Savvy beauties have been contouring their faces for years and shaving pounds off of their face without the aid of a crash diet or spending hours at the gym!

Trust, you can attain a slimmer face just as easily!

Contouring can get tricky and you don’t want to end up looking like an extra for Rupaul’s Drag Race so read on for 7 simple steps to a slimmer face!2

1. Tool Time

Contouring to make your face appear slimmer is relatively easy but it’s essential to have the right tools or the results can be quite scary!

Sift through your vast collection of brushes and grab an angled blush brush and a fluffy eye shadow brush.2

If you don’t own either of these brushes, feel free to get one at a drug store.

You don’t have to use high-end brushes;

they just have to have the right shape to get the trick right.

Get down with Brown
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