7 Steps to Perfectly Manicured Brows ...


For a beauty regime that will quickly and effortlessly transform your face and update your look this season, try these 7 steps to perfectly manicured brows. Although eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the most expressive and can entirely change the way your face looks depending on their shape and style. Keep this major facial featured tamed and manageable with these 7 steps to perfectly manicured brows to complete and polish your face’s natural beauty.

1. Brush Your Brows

The first step in perfecting manicured brows is to brush your eyebrow hairs with a brow brush. Brow brushes can take the shape of either the spooly kind, like a mascara style brush or comb style. Brush the hairs in one direction to maintain smooth and neat brows with every hair in its place. For a better sense on how your brows grow and how long your hairs are, brush your hair upwards and determine the look you want to achieve.

Time to Trim
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