Target Exercises 🎯for Girls Who Want a Beautiful Toned and Tight FaceπŸ‘Έ ...


You probably include plenty of exercises in your routine that target your abs, arms, legs, back and shoulders.

Did you know that you should also be doing moves that target your face?

That’s right – there are exercises that will tone and tighten your face so that you can look younger and lovelier anytime.

They are super easy to do and you aren’t going to have to spend a ton of time doing them because they are pretty fast and simple.

Here are the best.

1. Firm Your Forehead with Eyebrow Raises

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Do you want your forehead to look younger?

Don’t we all?

It’s as easy as working those forehead muscles so that they stay firm and fresh.

To do the move, press down just above your eyes, while also lifting your forehead.

Repeat the move 10 times during a couple of weekly sessions and you’ll start to notice results in just a couple of weeks.

2. Tone Your Cheeks by Raising Them

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This move is very similar to one above, but works the muscles in your cheeks.2

High, firm cheeks are associated with youth so this move should have you feeling and looking younger in no time.

Press down gently on your cheeks with a couple of fingers, then raise the muscles in your cheeks at the same time.

Repeat 10 times.

3. Keep Your Neck Looking Young with This Easy Lip Move

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The neck is one of the first places to show your age.2

You don’t want a saggy, old neck so be sure to include a few sets of this move several times each week to fight it off.

Sit down and tip your head back, close your eyes and relax.

Pull your lower lip up over your upper lip, hold for a second, and then relax.

Do this move at least 10 times during each set.

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