Innovative Beauty Treatments to Try for Girls Wanting a New Routine ...


Innovative Beauty Treatments to Try for Girls Wanting a New Routine ...
Innovative Beauty Treatments to Try for Girls Wanting a New Routine ...

Sometimes it's really fun to revamp your beauty routine and revitalize your looks and skin. We're well into 2017 now so there's a lot of buzz about certain things you can try. The experts are calling everything on this list something you've got to try this year. Whichever ones you choose will do only good things for you and will be something you're so thankful you tried. Ready to look your best? Head on over to for even more great information.

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The name of the treatment alone sounds insanely painful, right? Microneedling involves using a handheld device, to rapidly poke microscopic holes in the skin.

Before you gasp in utter shock at the thought of giving your face dozens of tiny wounds, there are benefits of the process. "The micro channels stimulate your skin's natural ability to heal itself and in the process produces collagen and elastin," Dr. Norman Rowe of Rowe Plastic Surgery tells Bustle.

For an at-home treatment, you can try an at-home microneedling tool — it's basically the same concept, but the tool is a handheld device that resembles a pizza cutter covered in small needles. According to Allure, Microneedling increases the absorption of products you apply to your face. As the pinpricks act as tiny canals for serums and creams to sink into, the effectiveness of your skincare regimen is given a boost, making way for a fresh and firm complexion, it's no wonder this treatment has become a major skincare fad as of late.



Say hello to baby soft skin when you give this treatment a try. Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation, removing dead skin and vellus hair (a fancy schmancy term for peach fuzz) from the face.

"The practitioner performing the treatment uses a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle motions," Dr. Rowe explains. As the tiny scrapes across the face stimulate collagen production, Dermaplaning can have mild anti-aging benefits, according to Allure.


Tattoo Removal Laser Surgery to Lighten Spots

Giving new purpose to technology that has been around for years, Tattoo-removal lasers are now being used to treat hyper-pigmentation. Yes, the same laser that got rid of the pesky tattoo you couldn't bear any longer can lift the sun spots and discoloration plaguing your skin — pretty cool, right?



If you're ready to throw out all of your brow gels, powders, and pencils, microblading may be the semi-permanent solution for you. A quasi face tattoo, microblading creates the appearance of fuller brows by depositing pigment under the skin.

“Microblading is beauty’s answer to the over tweezed brows of the '90s," says Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty salons and microblading expert. "It takes away the need to fill the brows out daily by adding hair strokes that just look like hair. It’s a semi-permanent treatment that lasts for about a year."

Experts use a handheld tool to draw hair-like strokes that mimic your natural brow. Touch-ups may be done every six months, but results can last up to three years, depending on your skin and lifestyle. Brows on fleek, anyone?


Lash Enhancement Tattoos

If brows can be inked on, attacking the lashes was the natural next step. According to Marie Claire, lash enhancement tattoos fake the appearance of fuller lashes with strategically placed pigment. Also known as invisible eyeliner, the process fills in gaps between hairs to give the illusion of thicker, darker lashes without looking too much like makeup. A computerized pigmentation device gets the job done after numbing the targeted areas, so you won't have to worry about a needle heading straight for your eye.

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Vaginal Steaming

Consider vaginal steaming to be like a facial for your lady parts. Surging in popularity, V-baths aim to detox the vagina and uterus using a brewed concoction of herbs and steam.

"V-Steam dilates the blood vessels to increase blood circulation, provide oxygen, and relax the pelvic floor muscles," VSPOT Medi-Spa Founder Cindy Barshop tells Bustle.

Customized blends of therapeutic ingredients like basil, calendula, mugwort, marshmallow root, wormwood, and rose pedals combine for the ultimate V-Steam. The steam douche is believed to balance hormone levels, soothe cramps, stimulate fertility, and potentially enhance sexual pleasure.



If a needle to the face doesn't sound like your kind of jam, Fillerina, an alternative to injections saves the day. A topical filler gel, Fillerina Lip Plumping Pens are a form of skin-boosting, using six different sized hyaluronic acid molecules to travel through layers of the skin.

"It is a two-fold, for reducing wrinkle depth and boosting new volume to cheekbones and lips," says Fillerina USA Director of Education Melissa Peverini. "Since it is a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, it is also very hydrating to the overall skin.” From the comforts of your home, you can apply the topical treatment yourself with a such a user-friendly tool.

It may cost a pretty penny to have a specialist poke tiny holes in your skin or draw on a fresh set of bold brows, but book an appointment for any number of these innovative treatments and prepare to have your mind blown.

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