7 Tips on How to Wear Matte Lips This Season ...


Interested in tips on how to wear matte lips this season? Pretty pouts are the center of attention with beauty standouts like the matte lip shining in the forefront right now. Adding a matte lip into your beauty regime this season means extra prep and care, which is why these tips for wearing matte lips will have you picture perfect in a matter of minutes. For flawless application, follow these 7 tips and learn how to wear matte lips this season to get you pucker ready.

1. Exfoliate

This is one of the most essential tips on how to wear matte lips this season. Prep your lips for matte lipstick by exfoliating with a lip scrub. Matte lipstick tends to be unforgiving and can show every flaw on your lips. By exfoliating your lips you can remove any dead or peeling skin for soft and smooth lips that will let your lipstick glide on easily.

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