7 Tricks and Tips for Pretty Lips This Fall ...


Wouldn’t we all like to have some tips for pretty lips this fall? Fall and winter can be fairly harsh on our lips with the dropping temps and dry air. But you needn’t worry; it is possible to have beautifully kissable lips all year round when you follow these tips for pretty lips. You will have gorgeous lips in no time.

1. Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliate Daily

One of the best tips for pretty lips is to exfoliate your lips daily. You can do this several different ways. One of the easiest and quickest ways to exfoliate your lips is to use a wet toothbrush with nothing on it and rub it back and forth across your lips in a gentle manner. This will remove the dead skin and leave your lips looking fuller and healthier. There are also lip exfoliators that you can purchase in the health and beauty section.

Keep Moisturized
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