7 Unexpected Places to Find Beauty Products That You've Got to Try ...


Have you ever thought about looking beyond your local beauty specialty store or drugstore as places to find beauty products?2

Sometimes it takes some real detective work to find your favorite beauty products at great prices.

With that said, I put my thinking cap on to track down some fab places to find beauty products aside from your average beauty stores!

Check out my list of some incredible places to find beauty products for less!

1. Dollar Stores

Of all the places to find beauty products, I bet you’d never think to look for them at dollar stores!

Dollar stores or 99 cents stores are a great place to find discontinued makeup or makeup that didn’t sell well at mass merchandisers.

The thing with finding cheap makeup here is that you have to keep an eye out for the better brand name types since they don’t always carry them.

Also, although most items are still in good condition, make sure you don’t pick up anything that looks old!

2. Health Food Stores

Have you ever explored the health and beauty section at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?2

If not, do so right away because there are some great finds there!3

The beauty product offerings aren’t just limited to those two stores either, other health food stores also carry some excellent skin care products as well as some makeup that are natural and nourishing.

Sometimes the items can be a bit on the pricier side but Trader Joe’s skin care products work well and are quite affordable!

3. Discount Stores

Aside from dollar stores, larger discount stores like Big Lots also carry beauty products that were discontinued or not big sellers at other stores.

This means you get the same quality products at a discounted price!

Since the selection of products vary by store and week, check back often to see if you can spot your fave brands!

I’ve seen e.l.f., Sally Hansen and Ecotools there!2

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