9 Date Night Beauty Essentials That Will Blow Him Away ...


9 Date Night Beauty Essentials That Will Blow Him Away ...
9 Date Night Beauty Essentials That Will Blow Him Away ...

If you have an upcoming first date, or just want some date night beauty tips, then maybe my top date night beauty essentials can give you a head start. I tend to be pretty particular about what beauty products make it into my purse most days, but when it comes to a date night, I’m even more picky than normal. Going on a date is so much fun, or at least it should be, and with the right “tools” in your bag, you can not only feel more secure that you’re prepared in the beauty department, but also keep yourself looking fresh and fabulous all night long. After all, though your guy should care more about you on the inside than what beauty products you own, keeping these date night beauty essentials can help give the night a boost and make you feel a little more pretty too!

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A Great Lipstick

A Great Lipstick Now here’s the deal with date night beauty essentials ladies; they don’t have to be complicated! Nor do they have to be expensive. Start with a great lipstick that keeps your lips moisturized and tinted in color, but not overly dramatic. One of my favorites is Burt’s Bees Wax tinted lip color. It looks natural, won’t stain your teeth and keeps your lips super soft. Reapply as needed since hopefully you’ll be chatting away all night and probably need to whip this product out of your bag on a moment’s notice. I love the coral color the most for summer since it offers a fresh fun twist that still looks sexy and natural.


A Soft Blush

A Soft Blush Be sure to keep a small container of a peach or rose colored blush in your bag, which works for most all skin colors. Blush keeps your cheeks looking young and rosy, but don’t put too much on. Blush is one of the first things to wear off your face first, but can enhance your face by giving it a youthful, healthy glow. I like shimmer blushes that can be apply subtly with a tissue in the ladies room, or you can carry a small brush in your bag.


A Brush

A Brush Whatever type of hair you have, you never know what kind of weather or circumstance you’ll be up against. On a daily basis, I never carry a brush in my bag. I usually let my hair do its own thing, and try not to fuss with it too much. However, if I’m on a date, I want to be prepared. You never know what can happen with the weather, so be sure to carry a small travel size brush or comb that you’ll have just in case! Trust me, you’ll feel better with it than without it!


Breath Drops

Breath Drops I love those mini bottles of breath drops that are no bigger than your pinky finger. They are the perfect size and I save them just for date night because they work fast, and last longer than breath mints do. Keep them in your date night bag at all times. You never know when he might go in for a kiss!


A Toothbrush and Toothpaste

A Toothbrush and Toothpaste You definitely need to carry this hygiene staple with you, girls! It is a date night beauty essential that you should not be without! If you go out to eat, brush your teeth afterwards. Sometimes ingredients in foods like garlic, certain spices, or onions can linger on the breath, and you don’t want to walk around all night smelling like your dinner dish! Carry a travel size toothbrush and travel size tube of toothpaste, which you can get for around $2 a piece at your local drugstore. These are great to have when you step to the ladies room, and you’ll feel better with a fresh mouth after dinner than just chewing some gum, which doesn’t last as long.


A Smoky Eyeshadow

A Smoky Eyeshadow Keeping a sultry eyeshadow in your bag such as a smoky eye color palette is a great idea, girls! During the day I like to wear eyeshadows with softer shades, but on date night, I like to kick things up a notch. Smoky eyeshadows such as grey, silver and even smokey black can really enhance your eyes. Just be sure to apply them in the crease and outer corners of your eye and not across your whole eyelid. Accent the top of your eyes and inner corners of your eyes with a lighter color such as white, cream or shimmery beige. This creates a really dramatic, sexy look that also looks very feminine. It can give you those natural cat eyes we all seem to want. Just be sure to keep this palette in your purse so that you can reapply if your makeup wears off during the night.



Eyeliner I absolutely can not go without my black eyeliner. If you have brown eyebrows, as I have black, you may want to go with an espresso brown instead. I keep eyeliner in my purse since it can wear off easily and smudge. I love pencils that are inexpensive, but be sure to carry a sharpener with you too, in case it breaks. Eyeliner can really make your eyes pop and a little bit goes along way.


A Travel Tube of Lotion

A Travel Tube of Lotion This is one of my favorite dual action products. I keep a tube of St. Ives travel lotion in my purse and use it two ways. First, this all natural brand keeps my hands moisturized, which is important for date night! Every guy likes girls with soft hands. Plus, in case my hair frizzes up in humid weather, I can apply just a teeny tiny pinch to my strands and have them tamed, but not oily, in no time.



Concealer My last beauty essential is always a tube of my favorite concealer. I use Maybelline’s 24 hour cream tube concealer and it works wonders for dark circles, covering blemishes, or you can even use it in a pinch if your eyeshadow wears off since it creates a smooth, soft shade over your eyelid. It also takes away dark circles super fast in case you’re a tired.

Other essentials I love include mascara, tissues and bobby pins, but the 9 essentials above seem to be the ones I use the most on my dates, while the others are mainly back-ups. What are your date night beauty essentials?

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The travel section on Walmart and Target is awesome.. I carry all on a mini Hello Kitty bag and only occupies a small part in my bag!

Hi everyone! I'm new to this

This is definetley a helpful article.

And I carry the other important elements too!!. Tooth brush, mini mouth paste, mini deodorant, mints, floss, mini Victoria's Secrets mist and a mini sewing kit (accidents happens with the clothing!).. My bag is prepared with everything because you never know what will happen!! :)

These are great! For the tooth brush and paste I carry a product that's a waterless tooth brush. It's mini and has a bubble of paste in the center and a flosser on the end. Also they're disposable and can be found for a buck for 2 at the dollar store.

Awesome!!.. Many womens uses a tons of makeup for a date night and this is a wrong way..Many mens wants a natural woman than clown woman... Great article!! :)

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