10 Ways Insecure 😰 Girls Can Feel Comfortable 😊 with Their Body 👙 ...


Feeling super confident about our bodies is not something everyone is born with, but luckily it can be built over time through various different ways!

What makes you feel confident about your body?

1. Love Your Body

Love Your Body

This may not be as easy as it sounds, but learning to love your body and everything you have naturally will allow you to feel happier (generally speaking) and let you truly own what you have.

Give yourself time to feel good in your own skin!

Many people have had self-esteem issues in the past so it may take longer to achieve, but it can most certainly be done over time and with plenty of self-love.2

No one on this planet has exactly the same body as you, you're completely unique and original, so what's not to love?

2. Love Your Curves

Love Your Curves

Many women don't feel confident about their bodies because they have curves.

But you should always remember that curves are amazing so if you have them, make sure you flaunt them!

Everyone has a slightly different body shape and more or less curves than the next person, but the fact that we have a different amount of curviness (and in different places, too) is what separates us and make our bodies unique.

We shouldn't be any less confident just because we might have a curvy body.

3. Create a Good Relationship with Your Scales

Create a Good Relationship with Your Scales

If you're not very confident about your weight, something you could aim to achieve is to step on the scales every now and again without thinking obsessively about the number staring back at you.

Having a good relationship with your scales means using them every now and again to check your weight and health, but also making sure to do this in a healthy and positive way.

Use Your Body Regularly
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