7 Ways to Help Preserve Your Youthful Looks ...


Wondering how to preserve your looks is something that most of us spend a lot of time doing.

Who wants to look old before their time?

There is a lot that can be done to stay looking young, even if we can´t fight the aging process forever.

The aim is to look good, not like your own granddaughter, so forget cosmetic surgery, and consider instead these easy ways to stay looking young …

1. Stay in the Shade

Truly, I will not be happy until I have drummed this message into each and every reader.

Be very, very careful in the sun!

Limit your exposure as much as possible;

even in winter and on cloudy days you can get a lot of damaging rays coming through.

Dermatologists say that much of what people believe to be normal aging is actually sun damage, so to help yourself stay looking young, forget a tan, and just get enough sun to give you the essential Vitamin D.

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