7 Ways to Plump up Thin Lips ...


Are you looking for some ways to plump up thin lips? Sadly, not all of us were blessed with full lips, so we need to try clever tricks to make them look fuller. Fortunately, there are a number of methods for making thin lips appear more ample. It's wise to avoid fillers and other invasive treatments, even if you can afford it. This kind of method can go horribly wrong, and also needs repeating. So here are some ways to plump up thin lips that are quick, simple and harmless โ€ฆ

1. Lip Plumper

One of the easiest ways to plump up thin lips is to use one of the products designed for that very purpose. There are lots of different brands available, to suit all budgets. Try a few brands and see what works for you. Lip plumpers work by irritating the skin and making it swell up, so are best avoided if they make your lips sting too much.

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