Why You Should Be Using Pineapple in Your Beauty Routine ...


I love pineapple. It’s probably my favorite fruit and it is also the perfect fruit for summer. It’s juicy and delicious and totally refreshing. Oh and it smells heavenly too. So it’s great that I found out that not only is it fabulous to eat and drink, but it can be used in your beauty routine in various ways too.

1. Pineapple Will Strengthen Your Hair Follicles

You can worry less about losing your hair if you include pineapple in your diet. Eat it regularly and your hair follicles will become strong over time. It’s the availability of antioxidants and vitamin C that makes pineapple beneficial for your hair – it will add to the elasticity and thickness of your hair, which in turn will reduce hair fall.

It Can Help Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy
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