30 Absolutely Flawless Eyebrows ...

By Lyndsie

30 Absolutely Flawless Eyebrows ...

Do you have flawless eyebrows? Although bold, natural brows are in, that doesn't mean that you have to wear them. To truly have flawless brows, you have to feel comfortable with them. You may not feel beautiful with bold brows; you might prefer a thin, sculpted arch. Forget about the latest trends and go with what works for you. If you need a little style inspiration, however, these ladies are rocking some seriously flawless eyebrows!

Table of contents:

  1. defined and thick
  2. lily collins inspiration
  3. sleek arches
  4. the curve
  5. light and natural
  6. simple and classy
  7. bold and natural
  8. sultry
  9. doe-eyed
  10. brigitte bardot inspired
  11. kim kardashian inspiration
  12. the in-between
  13. subtle arch
  14. lily collins ii
  15. natural growth
  16. no makeup
  17. stunning curves
  18. dark, dark brows
  19. serious angles
  20. bold and bushy
  21. thin and sculpted
  22. nice and natural
  23. truly flawless
  24. vintage brows
  25. megan fox inspiration
  26. thin and bold
  27. perfect shaping
  28. naturally bold
  29. stunning slant
  30. slim and natural

1 Defined and Thick

Defined and Thick Via #wakeupandmakeup @wakeupandmakeup Bridal makeup fla...Instagram ...

One way to pull off flawless eyebrows is to make them flawless. Don't despair if you have to fill in and shape, just use a light hand.

2 Lily Collins Inspiration

Lily Collins Inspiration Via newsouthernbelle.tumblr.com

Lily Collins is an eyebrow queen. You'll never find her on Bad Eyebrows of Instagram!

3 Sleek Arches

Sleek Arches Via I Like Babes Daily on ...

Though not too thin, these brows aren't too thick either. You might just have to define your arch a bit to get the look.

4 The Curve

The Curve Via Hair &Makeup

I love the outer edges of these eyebrows. Those curves are on point!

5 Light and Natural

Light and Natural Via Make up

There's no need to ever go too dark either. What do you think of these brows?

6 Simple and Classy

Simple and Classy Via Fashion

These blend in with the model's hair color beautifully. That's one key to flawless eyebrows.

7 Bold and Natural

Bold and Natural Via Beauty On A Budget: 8 ...

Is there any blending here, any pencil? I can't even tell, which is why they look so flawless!

8 Sultry

Sultry Via Hairstyles for Long Hair

Here the brows really frame the eyes. You should always go for that.

9 Doe-Eyed

Doe-Eyed Via Cindy Bru

See how the brows have their own expression? Always a good look.

10 Brigitte Bardot Inspired

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Via Prom Night Pretty: 50 Makeup ...

This girl doesn't worry overly much about sculpting or plucking, and you shouldn't either. Embrace what you have!

11 Kim Kardashian Inspiration

Kim Kardashian Inspiration Via Makeup <3

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but her eyebrows are fierce. They're not too thin and not too thick, and they never look entirely artificial.

12 The in-between

The in-between Via popularimg.com

In fact, sometimes an in-between look works best. You don't have to go too far in either direction.

13 Subtle Arch

Subtle Arch Via make-up-6

You don't have to go totally crazy with the arch, either. Keep it low if you're afraid of looking surprised all the time.

14 Lily Collins II

Lily Collins II Via Beauty Buzz: How to Get ...

Sorry for the repeat, but I'm seriously in love with this girl's eyebrows. Lily is on point, always.

15 Natural Growth

Natural Growth Via Cancel Monday

Another option is to embrace the natural shape of your brows, even along the top.

16 No Makeup

No Makeup Via Bombshell Beauty: Unleash Your Inner ...

Wouldn't you love to get away with not using any eyebrow makeup? It's entirely possible!

17 Stunning Curves

Stunning Curves Via truthpics.us

I love everything about these brows. Notice how the inner edges are lighter than the middle, because that's essential.

18 Dark, Dark Brows

Dark, Dark Brows Via Dark Wine

If you're ever going for a retro inspired look, this is all the example you need. Just be wary of your inner corners and where they fall.

19 Serious Angles

Serious Angles Via Kandy Koated Xtc

If you prefer a more angled look, that's totally fine! Just make sure it falls in line with the bridge of your nose and the shape of your face.

20 Bold and Bushy

Bold and Bushy Via Flawless Skin Special: Get Instant ...

There's absolutely no need to pluck or wax yourself to death if you love your natural look. Isn't this gorgeous?

21 Thin and Sculpted

Thin and Sculpted Via Top Value Vehicles from Autobytel: ...

Though not too thin, these definitely aren't thick. They aren't shaped to death either.

22 Nice and Natural

Nice and Natural Via #theLIST: Inspired Holiday Makeup Looks

These brows don't rely on a lot of makeup or shaping either. Would you rock a pair of eyebrows like these?

23 Truly Flawless

Truly Flawless Via Most Popular Photos | Beautylish

Though it may take a lot of makeup to get to this look, it still looks rather natural. The shaping is perfect but the brows themselves aren't too dark or groomed.

24 Vintage Brows

Vintage Brows Via Idda van Munster v.'s (IddavanMunster) ...

Feel free to try some vintage inspiration as well. These are dark and glossy, probably better for an evening look, but they're still lovely.

25 Megan Fox Inspiration

Megan Fox Inspiration Via makeupismyartforever.blogspot.com

Say what you will about Megan Fox as well, but her eyebrows are magical. People often love her lips and jawline, even her eyes themselves, but I will always covet her eyebrows!

26 Thin and Bold

Thin and Bold Via Hair & Beauty

You can make your thinner eyebrows look bold without making them look fake. This is a perfect example.

27 Perfect Shaping

Perfect Shaping Via Wocmakeup2

These eyebrows are just stunning. The proportions are perfect, the coloring is on point, and they're thick and lush without looking totally drawn on.

28 Naturally Bold

Naturally Bold Via Maquillage fêtes - maquillage noël ...

I can't tell if these eyebrows have any pencil, powder, or mousse at all, and that's the point. Remember: work with what you've got!

29 Stunning Slant

Stunning Slant Via Make up

You never have to go crazy with the arch either. Feel free to follow the natural shape of your brows.

30 Slim and Natural

Slim and Natural Via Breathtaking women : Photo

There's some shaping here, but not too much, and they're still bold and luscious.

How are you feeling about your brows? Ready to try a new look, or to embrace your natural shape, fullness, and thickness?

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