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If you’re looking for some tips for looking beautiful, then start by considering that makeup isn’t always the only route to lush and lovely. Makeup is fun to put on and most of us grew up spending way too much time in front of the bathroom mirror applying it, and not enough time realizing how pretty we are without all the creams and powders we applied. Think about this - you spend roughly 10-15 minutes every day applying makeup that you just end up washing off at the end of the day. Why not go more natural here and there, save money, and skip all the steps in between? Try these seven tips for looking beautiful without one drop of makeup that work every single time!

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Wash with a Gentle Cleanser

Harsh cleansers can strip the skin cells and make them appear dry and ruddy, so one of the first tips for looking beautiful is to use a more natural cleanser instead. One of my favorites is St. Ives brand of facial cleansers. They’re not tested on animals, are non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, and work with just about every skin type you can imagine.


Wash Morning and Night

Always wash your face morning and night. This will help your skin appear more radiant and ward off acne. Just be aware that acne cleansers aren’t always the best option. The acne medications in them can sometimes cause your skin to become irritated with too much use. Wash with a gentle cleanser morning and night and only use the harsher products when an emergency calls.


Don’t Pluck Your Brows Too Much

While you’ll need to keep your brows somewhat under control, don’t feel the need to make them super thick by plucking at them too much. Only tweeze brow hair that isn’t in alignment with your actual eyebrows, such as way below or way above them. If you have thick brows like I do, embrace them, wear them, and whatever you do, don’t dye them!


Use Vaseline, Not Mascara

Vaseline is a tried and true beauty savior. You can actually apply just a touch to your lashes to help them glow without using mascara at all. If you do decide to apply mascara, Vaseline will also take it off more gently than other cleansers you might be used to.


Apply Coconut Oil as Lipbalm

Coconut oil can also be used to take off your makeup but I love using it for lip balm. Just a small touch will keep your lips more hydrated than commercial lip balms that contain chemicals that might dry your lips out or wear off more quickly. Coconut oil will also give your lips a radiant glow, and it will also heal any dry cracked areas you might have on your lips.


Use the Right Moisturizer

Many moisturizers can break your skin out or cause it to become more oily. Be sure to choose the right one so your skin appears radiant, not oily or shiny. The moisturizer should go on easily, not cause you to break out, and be one that lasts all day long. I like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen with Helioplex, which acts as a moisturizer, anti-acne cream, and sunscreen in one product due to the special ingredients it uses.


Add Camu Camu to Your Smoothies

Now here’s my secret weapon of all - I use camu camu berry extract in all my smoothies and sometimes in my porridge. It’s absolutely fantastic for your skin! It’s the richest source of real vitamin C on the planet and contains over 1660% of your daily value. It helps clear the skin, ward off wrinkles, and is a fantastic anti-viral agent. Use ½ teaspoon daily and you’ll see results in no time. It can help your skin glow, appear more youthful, and it also helps reduce stress in the body so you’re less likely to suffer stress-related breakouts.

Do you use any of these tricks and tips for looking more beautiful without makeup or have any tips of your own?

Source: shop.brightearthsuperfoods.com.

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I never heard of Camu Camu but I will definitely try it!

Vaseline use on the eyes and/or eyelashes has be connected with causing cataracts. It's also only good if you need to completely seal your skin from outside elements, ie: a blizzard! You skin is an organ that needs to "breathe" and sweat. Think about how it would affect your health adversely if you were to block the release of toxins in your body by not allowing them to be released through your pores. Petrolatum is a derivative of mineral oil (sounds healthy. Is anything but!) aka petroleum, petrol. No! Thanks!

One thing does not have to do with the other. If you want to go natural, go natural. If you prefer to wear make up, wear make up. But the results are quite different. It depends on what you want. Only a few people are natural beauties in this world. I don't understand the purpose of this article.

Thanks, great tips

Great tips apart from the Vaseline one. Vaseline is actually isn't good for your eyelashes that is just a common myth and completely untrue. I would never recommend doing this it is bad for the health of your eyes. I don't mean this to sound bad and I'm sorry if it does but myths like these shouldn't be spread around

Great! Here the writer is stating that you don't need makeup to look good and makeup is not worth it because it gets washed of at the end of the day then why has madam applied makeup in her profile pic?

Katie152, you should have told us the reason it is untrue.

Vaseline also helps your eyelashes grow.

I use everyday coconut daily face wash, day face lotion, and night cream, and their toner and my acne prone skin is less oily and I think my acne is finally receding :) and I used to use washes with salicylic acid, so coming off of those my skin had to "detox" but it's totally worth it

This was a very helpful article!!

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