Beach Lovers Will Adore These Ocean Inspired Tattoos ...

By Heather

Beach Lovers Will Adore These Ocean Inspired Tattoos   ...

My mother in law loves the ocean. She feels free there and loves the feeling of sand beneath her toes. Are you the same? How about taking it to your skin with these awesome ocean-inspired tattoos!

Table of contents:

  1. pretty oct!
  2. all the squid
  3. sea turtle love
  4. jaws on your arm
  5. ride the wave
  6. the detail on this whale
  7. all the waves
  8. the most beautiful ocean scene
  9. oh, this jellyfish
  10. mermaid beauty
  11. pretty hand tattoo
  12. angel fish love
  13. watercolor shark
  14. lovely seahorse
  15. angler fish!
  16. ocean & ocean
  17. all that bass

1 Pretty Oct!


This is so, so cool!

2 All the Squid


Squids in real life freak me out, but this tattoo is sweet!

3 Sea Turtle Love


Aww! How cute.

4 Jaws on Your Arm


Obsessed with the movie?

5 Ride the Wave


So simple and so cool!

6 The Detail on This Whale


The details are amazingggg!

7 All the Waves


I am digging the wave tattoos.

8 The Most Beautiful Ocean Scene


Want a whole sleeve? This looks perfect!

9 Oh, This Jellyfish


This one won't sting you!

10 Mermaid Beauty


Did you see that octopus too?

11 Pretty Hand Tattoo


Loving the hand tattoos!

12 Angel Fish Love


So pretty!

13 Watercolor Shark


OMG! This is beautiful.

14 Lovely Seahorse


Seahorses are so majestic.

15 Angler Fish!


I LOVE this fish!

16 Ocean & Ocean


Ocean and more ocean - breathtaking!

17 All That Bass


It is all about that bass!

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