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7 Beauty Companies That Sell Natural Products ...

By Eliza

If you want beauty products that are made with natural ingredients, many manufacturers will meet those needs. With the higher awareness of the risks of chemicals in beauty products and the rise in people who want to protect their bodies and environment, natural beauty products aren’t as hard to find as they once were. You might not be able to hit up your local drugstore to get them, but chances are there is at least one store near you that sells such items. If all else fails, you can always order online.

1 Miessence

This company is a one stop shop for all your skincare and beauty needs. All of their products are available online, so you don’t even have to take the time or trouble to seek them out in stores, though some might stock them. Miessence gives you everything from lotion to make-up to facial cleansers, and much more. They each come with the promise of organic ingredients and a healthy production that is good for your and the Earth.

2 The Honest Company

Thank you Jessica Alba! You might know the honest company for its diapers and other baby products, but it also sells a range of products for the entire family. Each is designed with your health and environment in mind, so you won’t get anything questionable in your products. Choose from sunscreen, body scrubs and hair products.

3 Physician’s Formula

This is probably a name you’ve heard. While the company does sell traditional products, it also offers a line of organic beauty items that you’ll love. That includes make-up, so you can put your face on each morning without fear of chemicals or other ingredients that you don’t want touching your skin. And the best news is that the products can often be found at drugstores so you can get instant gratification.

4 Burt’s Bees

Here’s another one you can often find at local drugstores for affordable prices. In addition to natural ingredients, you can count on Burt’s Bees for many of your beauty needs. You might know it best for lip balm, but you can also get flavored and colored cosmetics that taste as good as they look.

5 Kiss My Face

Again, not all of the products from Kiss My Face can claim to be natural, but many of them can. Look for facial cleansers and lotions, face masks, tinted make-up items and more. With ingredients that include mango butter, you know you can count on something natural, but effective at the same time.

6 Neutrogena

The great thing about Neutrogena is that it’s a one shop stop for all your beauty needs. Many of the items are available in drugstores, but the ones that aren’t can easily be found online. If you want natural foundation, Neutrogena’s line of mineral varieties are right up your alley. You get the coverage you want without a long list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

7 Pur Minerals

I love this stuff. Many of the products are mineral based, which eliminates the need for questionable ingredients. But you won’t have to sacrifice when it comes to choices. You can find a whole range of cosmetics in a full spectrum of colors. Natural doesn’t have to mean boring and bland.

Do you use natural beauty products? Where do you get them? Please feel free to share any tips and tricks you have for getting what you want and what you’re paying for.

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