9 Drop Dead Gorgeous 😍 Beauty Bloggers πŸ’‹ You Should Start following Today πŸ—“ ...

If you are a fan of the articles you see in the beauty section of this website, chances are you will love this list of beauty Instagrammers. These beauty pages will help inspire you in terms of fashion, makeup and lifestyle while providing tips and tricks, tutorials, and favorite products! Here are some of my favorite beauty Instragrammers that you should be following!

1. Amrezy

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Amrezy, quite possibly the top beauty Instgrammer! Her page focuses on makeup and outfit posts. Anyone who has followed her for a while has seen her growth as an artist and person. She has worked with Anastasia Beverly Hills and Norvina. Her makeup is always very glam and fierce, always stating what products she uses. Her outfits are always glam to match with her makeup! She is equally as amazing in her "outfit of the day" posts as she is on her makeup photos. Her work is a must to follow!

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