7 Beauty Staples Every Girl Should Own ...

I have the tendency to splurge on a lot of beauty products, but there are some products I own that are some must have beauty staples and I tote them around with me everywhere! These products are classic and simple and are the backbone for even the most extravagant looks.The best thing about them is that anyone can put them to good use and they’re super affordable. These beauty staples are timeless, and definitely should be something you keep in your purse!

1. Chapstick

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No matter the season, Chapstick is one of the ultimate beauty staples! Nowadays, there’s so many kinds to choose from, it's easy to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether your lips tend to become chapped like mine in the winter, or you’re just looking for something with a little SPF in it during those hot summer days, Chapstick is your go-to product. I apply my Chapstick continuously throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated, moisturized and super soft, and the best part about it is that its super affordable and can be found at nearly any store for around a dollar!

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