7 Products on My Beauty Wish List for 2014 That You May Want to Add to Your Own ...


As we are heading into a new year, I am putting together my beauty wish list for 2014. This is always a fun thing to do when a new year begins. Beauty products are something I love to shop for so it was especially fun to make a beauty wish list once again. As you read over my wish list, you may find yourself adding some of these things to your own beauty wish list for 2014.

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Cover Girl Flamed up Mascara

Cover Girl Flamed up Mascara I have had a lot of success with Cover Girl mascaras. So far, my favorites are the Lash Blast and the Flamed Out mascaras. I feel sure that the Flamed Up mascara will be wonderful, as well, not only because it is a Cover Girl product but also because it has a curved brush. I am a sucker for a mascara with a curved brush so this definitely makes my beauty wish list for 2014.


Syrup Lipstick by Mac

Syrup Lipstick by Mac Ladies, I am lusting over this lipstick. It looks absolutely beautiful. It is so perfectly pink and plum all at the same time. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to Google it or hop over to Mac Cosmetics to get an idea of what it looks like. This will be my next lipstick purchase, for sure.


Upcoming Essie Mini Cubes

Upcoming Essie Mini Cubes I have a bit of an obsession with Essie nail polish. I think they are absolutely beautiful in the colors they put out. Additionally, they are very good quality and I can get a good week's wear out of them. Another thing that I love about Essie is that they put out a new line of colors for each season. It keeps you so excited to see what is coming out next.


Hot Tools Professional 1 Inch Curling Iron

Hot Tools Professional 1 Inch Curling Iron Hot Tools products are very good quality. I have had a ¾ Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron for five or six years and it is still working perfectly. They are a bit more expensive than a curling iron you would pick up at Walmart or Target but they are well worth the extra you have to pay. If you don’t want to try to get one at a beauty supply store, you can easily order these online. They have many wonderful features, too.


Bath and Body Works Malibu Heat Line

Bath and Body Works Malibu Heat Line I love the smell of the Malibu Heat products by Bath And Body Works. This is more of a summer scent so I will wait until April or May before I purchase it. It is a fruity scent with notes of pineapple, orange and coconut. I think it is the perfect scent for beach wear. It just makes you think of warm weather and lazy days.


Philosphy’s Amazing Grace Body Butter

Philosphy’s Amazing Grace Body Butter For the rest of the year, I plan to stick with my already favorite fragrance, Amazing Grace. I have been in love with this fragrance for a while now but I have not tried the body butter. I am going to be purchasing a moisturizing product anyways, so I figure I may as well purchase one in the fragrance I love. Additionally, body butter is a step above body lotion. Body butter is so much creamier and works much better.


Jilbere Nano Ceramic Flat Iron

Jilbere Nano Ceramic Flat Iron My hair stylist uses this brand of a flat iron on my hair. Every time she does, I am amazed. It glides effortlessly and smoothly over my hair. There is no catching or snagging like with the flat iron that I currently own, which shall remain nameless. I cannot wait to purchase this Jilbere flat iron.

These are the items I have already added to my beauty wish list for 2014. What products are on yours? Let me know; I may want to add them to mine!

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Can personally say that I'm a huge MAC addict and Syrup is always my go-to lipstick for an everyday look and no MJ it is my limited edition!

Malibu heat is yum.. Reminds me of escada perfumes which is nice on the cheap. But that cg flamed up mascara is garbage. I've boughten tons of mascaras from low and high end, in my top 5 worst for sure.

Naked pallet 3 from Urban Decay <3 I neeed it haha

Which online store I could get jilbere nano ceramic flat iron

I personally hate pure paradise but did like Malibu heat, but Goodluck !!

Thnks....am soon going to try them all!!?

Visaqueen 01/20/2011 at 8:47 PM 9231 Posts Registered 1/29/2007 Suffragette City I use neulash. I have to close my eyes to get mascara on the tips of my lashes, they are sooooo long. I've been using it for 2 years and couldn't be happier. I have a fever . . . and the only cure . . . is more COWBELL! Ignore User#17 of 25Quote|Report Inappropriate

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