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7 Benefits of Getting Waxed ...

By Sam

To wax or not to wax, that is the question. And Sam has the answers! In her post, she highlights the benefits of waxing and why we should consider it. Thanks Sam!

I've been getting waxed for many years now and after starting my own beauty business I have found that while everyone has heard of waxing, not many women have tried it. Waxing as a method of temporary hair removal has many benefits other than the obvious removal of unwanted hair. So even though it may seem a daunting thought (it doesn't hurt as much as you think!), ladies you should all try it and see the benefits for yourself!

1 Exfoliation

When the wax is applied on your skin, it instantly begins to dry so the few seconds between the wax application and the removal, dead skin cells will stick to it and be removed also. My favorite thing to do is exfoliate in the shower before a wax then again after followed by a moisturizer for ultimate silky smooth legs, especially before a vacation or day on the beach!

2 Hair Will Take Longer to Grow Back

This is true and it's because the hair is not cut off at the point it grows out of the skin like when you shave, it is instead pulled out from the root. When this happens the hair follicle has to take time to reproduce a new hair and in most cases not every hair follicle will reproduce at all! And this brings me to my third reason...


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3 When Hair Does Grow Back Its Thinner

For me, I've been getting waxed for 5+ years and only have to wax my legs every 6-8 weeks now. This is because the hair follicle in a way "gives up" and does not bother reproducing new hairs. So when it's "that" time again the hair will be much thinner and often lighter too meaning you can go longer in between wax appointments.

4 Waxing is Best for Some Areas

There are many areas that can be waxed; legs, arms, bikini area, eyebrows, lip/chin, back etc. For example, most women who have dark hair like myself have the problem of upper lip hair which is usually followed by the suggestion of bleaching, but this means you can still see the hair in daylight. When I began getting waxed I only had to have my lip waxed once a month for about 9 months and now it never grows back!

5 Definition

We all know how important it is to shape your eyebrows to frame your face. While there is the option of plucking, having them waxed by a professional will make a difference in the definition because waxing is so precise. Also, in most beauty salons eyebrow wax and shape usually comes with 'Threading' which is its own unique method of hair removal literally leaving not a single strand everytime.

6 No Skin Irritation

With shaving, the skin can become red and sore from the constant razor strokes. so you may have hair-free legs for a day or two with shaving but with the cost of redness, stubble and if your'e like me, cuts too. Waxing when done correctly is practically pain free and and redness will only last minutes and be gone before you walk out of the salon.

7 It's for Guys Too

It's surprising how many men I know who are ashamed of their back hair! Dreading the thought of being topless on a beach for their family vacation. If you can convince your boyfriend/husband that it's not as painful as it is perceived and there is no stigma attached anymore with a guy wanting to pamper himself, this will solve many problems. And of course leave you with a silky smooth partner too!

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