7 Excellent Reasons to Go Makeup Free ...


7 Excellent Reasons to Go Makeup Free ...
7 Excellent Reasons to Go Makeup Free ...

Going makeup free is something that actually frightens a lot of women. They wouldn´t dream of being seen outside the home without being fully made up. Some won´t even let their partners see them barefaced! But going makeup free can actually be a really positive step. If you´re surgically attached to your makeup bag, read these reasons to go makeup free …

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Going makeup free has one very positive benefit – it saves you a lot of money! Many women have a makeup bag full of products that they never use. What happens? The products dry up or go off, and get thrown away. Stick to buying a few key products that you will use, and go makeup free the rest of the time.


Skin Holiday

One of the top reasons to go makeup free is that it gives your skin a break from being exposed to products. The skin is an organ, and needs to breathe. Let it have a rest from being covered in gunk, and it will thank you. Of course, the one product you shouldn´t miss out on is sunscreen – always use that.


Natural Beauty

Okay, we all feel great when we put on makeup – but it´s also good to enjoy our natural looks. It´s very common to think that we aren´t attractive without makeup, but we´ve all got our good points. So look at what yours are, and make the most of them – a nice smile will make you look better than makeup can!


Freeing up Time

Does it seem as though you spend half your day fiddling with your makeup? First you have to put it on, then it needs touching up throughout the day, then you have to remove it before going to bed (and who hasn´t forgotten a few times)? Have a makeup free day, week or month, and you´ll be surprised how much time you´ll save!


Positive Message

Not wearing makeup is sending out a positive message, especially if you have daughters. It shows that we do not need makeup. Children absorb unconscious messages from their parents, and if they see their mum never going out without full makeup, girls will grow to believe that it is essential for them as well.


Sensitive Skin

Going makeup free is actually essential for some women – those with sensitive skin., who can find it very difficult to locate suitable brands. Makeup is a combination of chemical ingredients, so if you have sensitive skin it is best to be very careful about using makeup.


Not Essential

We´ve been conditioned to think that makeup is something that we have to put on, in order to look good. Well, I like wearing makeup – but not all the time! It´s not vital to apply makeup; if you worry about how you will be judged if you go makeup free, then work on your self-esteem. That will be much more beneficial than basing your sense of attractiveness on the modern equivalent of warpaint!

Makeup can be a lot of fun, so although there are good reasons to go makeup free, there´s no reason to avoid it altogether. However, if you are going to wear makeup, make sure you choose products that are not tested on animals, and be a caring beauty! Do you like going makeup free, or would you hate to be seen without full makeup on?

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I hardly ever wear makeup! My coworkers freaked out the other day when I wore a coloured lip balm. It was hilarious

Just shared this post (via Twitter)

I totally agree.most weekends,I just feel the need to let my face breath so I just wear some lip balm/gloss and I'm ready to go.

I highly suggest ladies stop wearing foundation every time they go out. relax! stop wearing makeup during the week and maybe only on nights out. I've stopped, and my skin has improved, even skin tone less breakouts its amazing :)

Unless I'm going out, or it's a special occasion, i wear eyeliner, mascara, a light lip liner for definition, and lip balm. I used to wear soooo much make up and it got soo tireseome to cleanse and exfoliate and get treatment facials etc to make up for how bad my skin felt. If i do go out, some light mineral wear makeup, bronzer, and shaddow goes a LONG way. and looking at photos of myself now compared to then with the make up, i look better without a mask of chemicals.. and i feel good too!

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