Biotin Rich Foods for Healthy Hair and Nails ...


Biotin Rich Foods for Healthy Hair and Nails ...
Biotin Rich Foods for Healthy Hair and Nails ...

Let's find out the biotin rich foods for healthy hair and nails you should be eating.

But first, what is biotin?

If like most people, your scientific knowledge stops at what you learned at school, then you might not be aware that the health and growth of your hair and nails are determined by something called biotin. It’s a form of vitamin B, formerly known as Vitamin H or coenzyme R. Biotin is needed so that your body can metabolise proteins like fatty acids and keratin, both of which are essential for effective hair and nail growth. It is true that you can receive all of your recommended doses of biotin by taking a simple supplement, but if you don’t want to go the pill route and prefer to introduce biotin to your body in a natural way, then these are the biotin rich foods to keep you beautiful.

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nut, food, nuts & seeds, mixed nuts, ingredient, Top of the list of biotin rich foods is a nut that is one of the healthiest foods overall. A handful of delicious almonds can contain nearly all of your daily recommended dose of biotin, which makes them a really efficient and tasty way of getting your healthy fix. For an even bigger biotin bang, you can pair the almonds with something like oats for a super healthy breakfast.


Sweet Potato

vegetable, food, butternut squash, recipe, side dish, Sweet potato is something that you see on the majority of ‘healthy foods’ lists, and this list is no exception! Not only is sweet potato full of biotin, it also contains healthy vitamins and minerals such as copper, Vitamin C and dietary fibre, all important things for a healthy human!



dish, egg, meal, breakfast, fried egg, Egg yolks are believed to be some of the best food examples for improved hair growth, and that’s thanks to their high biotin content. Be careful though, as in almost the opposite effect, eating raw egg whites can actually hinder the absorption of the vitamin into the body!



vegetable, local food, natural foods, red onion, onion, Onions are full of biotin, but unlike eggs, they are better raw than cooked. Adding slices of raw onion to a dinner salad or having them in your taco fixings is a great way to get the vitamin into your body whilst being delicious!



vegetarian food, dish, food, superfood, muesli, I mentioned oats briefly before, but they’re worth mentioning again. Just a quarter of a cup of oats contains 25 percent of the daily dose you need of biotin, so they are a tasty and productive way to start the day. A recent study has shown that people with brittle nails can see improvement by eating oats regularly.

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natural foods, vegetable, produce, fruit, local food, Now you have an excuse to throw tomatoes into almost every dish you make! Just one cup of chopped tomatoes will provide you 24% of your daily biotin allowance, so whether you go for lunch or for dinner, or for both, you are doing your body a great service by enjoying the juicy red vegetables!



peanut, food, ingredient, snack, flavor, I already talked about almonds, but peanuts are certainly worth a mention too. They give you all the same biotin goodness as almonds, but with a different taste that some people prefer compared to the sweet nature of the almond. Also, you can mix and match and make your own trail mix!

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