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No doubt there are times you’ve been surprised at how young or old a person is based on their looks, which is evidence that there are body parts that can give away your age. Sure, those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes can betray you, but there are other parts of your face and body that can tell others how you’ve aged. The scary thing is that each of these body parts can make you look older than you really are, so it pays to care for them well. Check out this list of body parts that can give away your age and I’ll bet you’ll be ready to take better care of yourself.

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Eyes Since I mentioned your eyes above, I’ll start with them. They are one of the most prominent body parts that can give away your age. Squinting and smiling, two things most people do every day, can really contribute to wrinkles around your eyes. There’s really no way to stop either, and you probably don’t want to, but you can buy eye creams that target the area and help minimize fine lines, Also, use a gentle hand when applying eye make-up. Too much pulling on the skin around your eyes can also make lines appear.



Hands You might be surprised to find that your hands can give away your age or make you look older than you are. Even if you’re super diligent with facial creams and sunscreen, many women forget to pay attention to their hands. I’ve started rubbing a bit of my face lotion into my hands as well as applying sunscreen when I’ll be outside. I hope that staves off the aging process there so I don’t ever feel embarrassed of my hands.



Earlobes What? I had the same reaction. Think about wearing those long, dangly earrings day after day. By the time you hit middle age, chances are your ears will hang a bit lower than they did in your younger years. Obviously, people don’t go around examining each other’s ears to a great degree, but if you tend to wear heavy earrings on a regular basis, you might want to consider taking a break and putting in smaller ones every couple days to give your poor earlobes a break.



Forehead I have to say that my forehead is one of my trouble spots. It tends to show wrinkles pretty easily. I combat that with my hairstyle and a really good anti-wrinkle cream in the morning and before bed. However, for many women, the forehead is a pretty visible place to age. The lines here are much more prominent during emotional times, but the good news is that wearing sunscreen and the right lotions can help keep things looking young and beautiful.



Lips I have kids so my cups are always covered with a lid or a straw. Otherwise, it gets spilled every time. However, drinking from a straw is one thing that can really age your lips. The same with other repeated motions, like kissing and smoking. With time, those movements define the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, making you look your age or even older. Use products designed to plump and firm your skin here and keep your lips hydrated with a good lip balm.



Neck When I apply face creams, I always bring them down on my neck and collarbone. That’s because your neck can get that dreaded crepey skin as you get older. Your chest can also get wrinkles and this area is prone to age spots too. My solution is the one most dermatologists recommend as treating that skin like you do the delicate skin on your face can stave off signs of aging.



Jaw Think about it. Your jaw is just an extension of your face, but it’s often overlooked. That’s not a good thing because the skin here can sag, giving you jowls. Use neck creams on your jawline or simply spread your face cream lower than you normally do to keep the area hydrated and loaded with anti-aging ingredients.

Where do you show your age? Will you try any of these tips?


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Shea butter....to the Rache. Perfect for aging skin and promoting healthy aging skin for you youngsters!! Try it!!

My grandmother had the most beautiful smooth hands when she past away... She always took care of herself, she was in her 80s. And she was a working mom.

This was depressing! Nothing can be covered up! And yeah i've heard about putting your antiage creams on your hands!!

Meaningful beauty skin care line has creams for eyes , neck , décolleté etc. I love it. It also minimizes pores which can make u look younger too :)

Chestsavers for the chest and neck wrinkles. Your face can look great but your chest can make you look older if you sleep on your side.

My neck is permanently red from never using sunscreen on it. I never even thought about it until I was in my forties. Ugh!

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