Celebrate πŸŽ‰ Chinese New Year 🎏 with These Ravishing 😍 Red and Gold Beauty πŸ’‹ Products ...

Whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, Vogue has picked out some eye-catching and effective skin care and beauty items that will really elevate your look. You might be wondering why red and gold products are being featured. Well, Christina Liao writes that red and gold are the two most significant colors in Chinese culture. Red symbolizes good fortune and joy and gold denotes luck. If you’re not fond of wearing either color in your wardrobe, why not integrate them into your beauty routine? You never know what kind of luck they might bring!

1. JINsoon Nail Polish in Bijou

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Keep your fingers and toes looking festive no matter what time of year with sparkly gold nail polish. I love the big chunks of gold over a neutral color or by itself as a fun touch.
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