These Amazing Beauty Products Are All under 25 ...

By Eliza

These Amazing Beauty Products Are All under 25 ...

You don't have to spend a fortune to have great beauty products. In fact, many of them only cost a few dollars and can get you the look you wan without having to spend a ton of cash. Wondering which ones you can get for under $25? These are some of the best options you'll ever find. Have fun with all of them!

1 Blush Duo
Having the perfect color on your cheeks doesn't have to cost a ton of money.

2 Perfect Pink Lipstick
You will love the way this pink lipstick looks when you put it on.

3 Smoky Eye Palette
You are going to get the perfect smoky eye with this great palette of eye shadow.

4 Matte Red Lipgloss
This color looks even better on your lips than it does in the tube.

5 Retro Revival Nail Color
Add some sparkle to your day with this nail color.

6 Hyperlash Mascara
Get the lashes of your dreams with this fantastic (and affordable) mascara.

7 Black Liquid Liner
You will always have the cat's eye you crave with this easy to use eyeliner.

8 Pastel Pink Lipstick
This is a Pantone color of the year so you definitely need this lipstick.

9 Long Lasting Concealer
Conceal all of your blemishes with this all-day concealer.

10 Shiny Lip Gloss Set
Change things up with several lip gloss choices.

11 Perfect Blue Eye Shadow
Go ahead and try the blue eye shadow trend without breaking the bank.

12 Perfect Pink Blush
You will love the way this color brings out your cheekbones.

13 Fun Silver Nail Polish
Aren't you dying to wear this color on your nails?

14 Raw Coconut Oil
Coconut oil can be used on your skin and hair so this product is a must have.

15 Shea Butter
You are going to love this!

16 Eye Makeup Remover
Use this handy makeup remover to gently remove all your products at the end of the day.

17 Beauty Balm with SPF
Protect yourself from the sun and get a great glow at the same time.

18 Cotton Cleansing Cloths
You'll never get a better cleanse than you will with these cloths.

19 Coconut Face Mask
Use this hydrating mask to pump your face full of the moisture it needs.

20 Skin Care System
Give your skin a great clean with this affordable little product.

21 Lip Butter
This lip butter is super hydrating and won't put a dent in your pocketbook.

Which of these are you dying to have? What other products can you add to the list?

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