7 Chemical-Free Moisturizing Substitutes for Skin and Hair ...

Chemical-free moisturizing substitutes for skin and hair can seem a little daunting when there are so many lovely smelling products that seem to moisturize well and leave a pleasant scent behind. However, many lotions, makeup, hair products, and perfumes contain chemicals that are absorbed into the skin which cause toxic build-up in our bodies. I love these smell-good products too, but are they the best solution for our bodies in the long run? Here's a list of simple and chemical-free moisturizing products that are well suited to give you shiny, healthy hair and supple, smooth skin!

1. Coconut Oil

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The first substance on the list is organic coconut oil. This oil is superb for just about anything and perfect for chemical-free moisturizing! It's solid at room temperature so it's easily transported. It works so well for a deep moisturizing solution for your skin. For a hair mask treatment, you can do dry application before a shampoo, focusing on the ends where it's most dry, and letting it soak in for 15-20 min. Shampoo well to avoid any greasy residue. My favorite use for coconut oil (besides cooking) is a lip moisturizer! It's dense and shiny, and eventually absorbs into your lips leaving them soft and chapped-free.

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