7 New Personal Care Products I'm Really Happy with at the Moment ...


7 New Personal Care Products I'm Really Happy with at the Moment ...
7 New Personal Care Products I'm Really Happy with at the Moment ...

New personal care products are always a huge and interesting discovery for me, mostly because I’m super loyal to my favorite brands, but also because I know there are some amazing budget-friendly products hiding out there and always look forward to finding them. My mission has been a rather successful one so far and I just can’t wait to share these new personal care products I’m falling head over heels for right now. Check them out, give them a chance… a few of these could end up on your list of best care products pretty soon:

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Garnier Fructis Split Ends Bandage Serum

Garnier Fructis Split Ends Bandage Serum There’s only so much I dare to expect from a split ends serum and this little thingy right here definitely falls under the category of new personal care products that have exceeded my expectations. It smells wonderful, provides smooth, silky finish and is budget-friendly to boot! Give it a go in case you’re looking for a quick way to mask split ends - a few pumps of this great-smelling concoction distributed over your damp tresses will make them go from frazzled to flawless in no time!


Orzene Hair Care Products with Beer Proteins

Orzene Hair Care Products with Beer Proteins Orzene’s new range of hair care products is my newly found love at first smell! I won’t talk about that wonderful shampoo that keeps the oiliness at bay, about that super nourishing hair mask I’m addicted to, nor about the fact that you can find a perfect product for each hair type – I’m sure you can find that elsewhere, too. I will however admit that I’ve never ever enjoyed a more pleasant, longer-lasting scent! One thing is for sure - should you decide to give Orzene hair products a go, you’ll definitely find unexpected thrill in swishing your hair!


Nivea in-Shower Body Moisturizer

Nivea in-Shower Body Moisturizer Every fan of Nivea’s all time favorite navy blue nourishing body lotion will want to take a chance with a matching body conditioner. It saves a considerable amount of time, leaves skin silky soft and, best of all, there will be no more pacing around in a birthday suit waiting for the body lotion to soak in! Everyone who has ever tried it agrees this is one of the most brilliant new care products ever.


Tesori D’Oriente Body Cream

Tesori D’Oriente Body Cream Tesori Di Oriente range of affordable Italian care products are something I’ve been seeing in shops for years and never really gotten around to try out. Serves me right for being such an unimaginative shopper! Once introduced to this great, exotic-smelling cream, I can’t believe I was ever foolish enough to pass by and not pick it up. Its rich, butter-like consistency coupled with essential oils and a choice between many decadent scents will turn your weekend pampering routine into an truly luxurious experience.


Maybelline Baby Lips Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Maybelline’s cool, scented and gorgeously tinted lip balm called Baby Lips is one of those impulse purchases a girl will never regret making! Seriously, ladies, if you haven’t tried it by now, definitely do so. Its moisturizing properties and the longevity of that subtle hint of color really come a shock considering the price, proving once more that what’s good for your budget can be just as good for your looks.


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense More pigmented than a tinted balm yet not as heavy as a conventional lipstick, this cool pencil-shaped lip care slash makeup product is the best thing to have on the go! My love for super moisturizing Clinique lipsticks still burns strong and I’m hoping to acquire at least a few more of these yummy colors by the year’s end. Remember to swatch it the next time you find yourself browsing through Sephora – you’ll be amazed!


Cotton Ball Holder

Cotton Ball Holder The wheel, steamboat, electricity, nanotechnology – there are plenty of great inventions to take note of. Are you ready for a new necessity? Well, here it is! No need to ask for help the next time your manicure gets partially messed up, simply insert a piece of cotton, apply nail polish remover and voila! Mine’s a bit different, black and unbranded, but I found these Cutex holders that ought to give you an idea where to look and what to look for.

Have you tried some of these lovelies and what are your thoughts? Are there some other new care products you feel particularly proud for discovering lately and what makes them so good?

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Where do you buy the split ends serum? I can't find it anywhere!!

baby lips!! safe to say Macbarbie07 on youtube got me addicted!!!

I love the cotton balls holder idea!

Cotton ball holder? Really?

Wanna try that shampoo now!

The cotton ball holder? Really? Lol I just use my fingers to hold it like everyone else

I have to try Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, sounds nice

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