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Common Body Issues You Have No Reason to Be Embarrassed about ...

By Neecey

We know there’s a really great move happening around the world right now to the “body positive” and getting the world, media and women themselves to accept we come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful in our own unique way. But, ask any women what they don’t like about their body and there’s probably not a single one that would answer “nothing” – agreed? Let’s examine some issues.

1 Do You Really Hate Your Boobs?

Men focus on boobs quite a bit. There are plenty of reasons why men are so fixated with breasts, but one of the most obvious (albeit sad) reasons is because they are right there in front of them, like a bone to a dog, ergo men have a strange affinity for breasts that seem to transcend mere sexual attraction. It doesn’t give a man the right to stare at them, and if a man does, then he is no better than a dog with a bone. However, their fixation must have transferred over to women because so many women are seemingly obsessed with their own boobs. Some women look at their boobs in the mirror to see if they are wonky, others wish they had more, while others wish they had less. Some worry that their nipples are too big, and others think they look too small. Women worry about sagging, the shape of their breasts, and if their nipples are the right color. If you worry about your breasts, you are not alone, but on the other hand, haven’t you got better things you could be devoting your time to? And if your man wishes you had more or less, if you’re satisfied and love your boobs, teach him to feel the same.

2 The Woes about Your Toes

It seems that very few women are 100% happy with their toes. They seem to think that they are not correctly formed. They seem to think that they somehow didn’t grow correctly, or that they are misshapen. Even women with beautiful toes will find fault with them. They say they are too long, bendy, spindly, chubby, short, and so on. Unless your toes have sprouted wings and flown up your nose, then you really need to stop worrying about them. Not only are they no big deal, but people do not notice them. If it takes three weeks for your man to notice your new hairstyle, it will take him seven lifetimes to notice that your little toe is just a little too little.

3 How Much do You Dislike Your Tummy?

On behalf of all men on the planet, and of all lesbian women that are comfortable with their bodies, on behalf of all these battered souls, please stop complaining about your tummy. You are not supposed to have a six-pack – you may want one but that’s a different matter. On behalf of every man and lesbian partner that has had to listen to the woman in their life complain about their tummy, just…please…stop! Men like tummies in all shapes and sizes. Do you remember that line from Pulp Fiction where the cute foreign girlfriend Fabienne (played by Maria de Medeiros) said, “It's unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.” Whether you have a big potbelly or an unmovable slither of flab on your tummy, it still feels great.

4 The Bubble Butt Botheration

Some women do not like that they have a bubble butt, a saggy bum, a flat tush, or a shapeless behind. The truth is that working on your bottom to tone it up is really difficult. Unless you are willing to do a lot of work on your bottom, you are going to have to learn to accept it as it is. A few lifestyle changes can often remove your worries about your bottom over time. It is one of many common body issues, but it is not as big of a deal as you think it is. Fashion is also really fabulous for bums– you can hide your tush or show it off

5 Are the Undersides of Your Arms That Bad?

Women that lose weight will often gain a layer of floppy skin under their arms that is sometimes crudely called “bingo wings.” Without going into a biology lesson, women are more prone to this problem, and there are few exercises we do during the course of the day that help to solve it. If you are truly concerned about your bingo wings, then the only real solution is either lots of swimming, or gym machines that concentrate on that area. Nevertheless, you should be aware that fixing your floppy bits of ex-fat skin will take time.

6 Leggy but Lacking

A lot of women seem to have a problem with their legs. The usual complaint is their shape or that they are not long enough, though an increasing number of women say they dislike their legs’ fat distribution. They say they do not like how much of their leg fat seems to collect on their inner thigh so that their legs rub when they walk. Maybe this is a more modern occurrence because of something we do, such as use cars more. Who knows? Suffice it to say that if you have a problem with your legs, talk to your girlfriends, because there is chance they have similar complexes. Do some exercises to improve the parts you don’t like but remember – appreciate your legs, they carry you through life.

7 Does Your Double Chin Annoy You?

There are some women that simply cannot stand the layer of fat under their chin. They think it ruins their entire face. Luckily for women, this is one of the few things they can change. At least in this case a woman can lose her excess weight and get rid of her double chin. As far as advice goes, do not try to distract from your chin with hairstyles, shades, or other distraction techniques. You may be self-conscious about your chin, but that is no need to make a show of yourself with a big facial or head-area distraction.

Overall, what I am saying is that area of your body that you have an “issue” with is not really a problem. It is just part of your whole body and you’ll live a happier and healthier life if you accept and love your body. Change things through diet and health if you’re motivated to do so, but don’t dwell on issues that really don’t deserve your focus.

Do you think you focus too much on your body “problems”?

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