3 Things about Your Appearance That Aren't as Big a Problem as You Think ...

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3 Things about Your Appearance That Aren't as Big a Problem as You Think ...

Little things become big problems when we make them bigger than they are. We give them power over us and let them influence us in ways that are self-destructive. A serious issue called body dysmorphic disorder is an umbrella of conditions and symptoms that include the following:

- Being extremely preoccupied with a perceived flaw in appearance that to others can’t be seen or appears minor

- Strong belief that you have a defect in your appearance that makes you ugly or deformed

- Belief that others take special notice of your appearance in a negative way or mock you

- Engaging in behaviors aimed at fixing or hiding the perceived flaw that are difficult to resist or control, such as frequently checking the mirror, grooming or skin picking

- Attempting to hide perceived flaws with styling, makeup or clothes

Consult a specialist if you have any of these symptoms.
That said, we are all self-conscious about something. We find flaws in ourselves that we wouldn’t even think twice about if we saw the same in others. Despite the fact that these perceived defects are quite minor. We tend to blow them out of proportion. Here are a few examples, and what you can do about them.

1 Minor Hair Loss

People of both sexes lose their heads when they start losing their hair. A few hairs in the shower or on the hair brush represent a crisis that consumes them. This is unfortunate because some hair loss is just a natural part of being human. Unless you have exceptional genes to the contrary, you are going to lose some hair along the way. No one who knows you will care or even notice.

That said, it is not the crisis it was a few decades ago, we have lots of effective products for hair loss. Low porosity may be the underlying cause. If so, check out any one of the many low porosity hair products that are proven to make a big difference.These products can help get natural moisture all the way to the ends, giving you healthier and fuller-looking hair.

Sometimes, the scalp is too dry and sometimes too moist. There can be problems either way. You don’t need to see a doctor before feeling confident enough to try some of the science-based remedies. No product, prescription or otherwise, is guaranteed to work for every person and every condition. But you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that a solution for you might not be more than a click away.

2 Acne

Adult acne is embarrassing. That was supposed to be a problem for 16 year olds. At 20, it is embarrassing. At 40, it can be devastating. Here’s the thing: Almost everyone you know is struggling with the same problem. It is a problem we all deal with to some degree and no one is talking about.

Many have given up on a cure and have resorted to just covering it up. But there are downsides to covering acne with makeup with makeup. The good news is there are plenty of alternatives including effective medication. There have been many advances in this area that you might not be aware of since the last time you tried. Don’t give up. Also, don’t overly worry about a problem that everyone has.

3 Toenail Fungus

Countless people keep from enjoying the beach, or sandals, or swimming pools because of a little discoloration of their toenails. That is a real tragedy since no one is looking, and the ones who happen to notice it could care less. You will lose no friends, no job opportunities, nor be banned from any beach volleyball games as a result.

Even so, just know this is a medical condition. See a doctor. The thing about toenail fungus is that it is a fungus. It can and should be treated. It could be a symptom of something else. That said, the more likely scenario is that it is a symptom of nothing at all, or nothing important. It can be treated if it bothers you. But if your doctor isn’t worried about it, you shouldn’t be either. There are a lot worse things you will see on a beach besides minor toenail discoloration.

None of this is to say that you should ignore medical problems. See a doctor and be sure that the little things aren’t gentle warnings of bigger things. Beyond that, don’t let minor hair loss, acne, and toenail fungus make you suspect that you are anything less than awesome.

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