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Some of us have to rely on drugstore beauty products to stay beautiful since we can't afford the magical lotions and potions that so many celebrities swear by. However, the stars don't all rely on gold leaf facials, caviar face creams, and diamond dust serums to stay looking camera-ready. Shockingly, some celebs actually use drugstore beauty products, too – they just can't go waltzing into Walgreens to pick up their zit cream without attracting a crowd. If you want to do budget beauty like a star, here are a few products to try:

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Vaseline and Preparation H

Jennifer Aniston told Redbook Magazine that these are two of her favorite drugstore beauty products. She puts Vaseline all around her eyes at night to condition her lashes. According to the actress, her mom taught her this beauty trick. Vaseline has been a popular beauty product for decades, but I'm not so sure about this use for it – it seems like you'd wake up with gunky, puffy eyes. Luckily, Aniston has the perfect solution for swollen peepers – she says that Preparation H does an "amazing" job of reducing under-eye puffiness.


Visine and Neosporin

According to makeup artist Gucci Westman, Cameron Diaz has a creative way of zapping a zit. She uses a tiny lancer to nick the pimple before applying Neosporin and Visine to the bump. The Neosporin helps it heal faster, and the Visine gets rid of redness.


Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

It's hard to believe that this popular cleanser can take partial credit for Scarlett Johansson's amazing complexion. The actress has sensitive skin, but this drugstore staple keeps it looking soft and flawless. In fact, it works so well that Scarlett once told Elle that she doesn't even use a daily moisturizer!


Aquaphor and Cerave Moisturizer and Cleanser

Megan Fox keeps her skin looking stunning with another gentle, dermatologist-recommended drugstore staple. The porcelain-skinned beauty uses CeraVe cleanser to wash her face without drying it out, and she applies CeraVe moisturizer to keep her skin soft and supple. The actress is also a big fan of Aquaphor Healing Ointment. She always carries it with her so that she can give her lips a little TLC whenever they start feeling dry.


Epsom Salt

GOOP guru Gwyneth Paltrow recommends a ton of pricey products on her lifestyle website, so it's always a pleasant surprise whenever she endorses a budget beauty product. The actress told Stylist that she enjoys bathing in Epsom salts to unwind after a tough workout. The star pointed out that stress ages skin, and what better way to combat stress than with an invigorating exercise session and a relaxing hot bath? The salt can also reduce bloating, and it makes a great body exfoliator.


Johnson's Baby Lotion

Beyoncé is already raiding Blue Ivy's stash of beauty supplies. The hot momma uses this gentle lotion as her body moisturizer, so you were wrong if you were convinced that her goddess glow comes from gold dust and unicorn tears. According to Sasha Fierce, the lotion doesn't just keep her skin baby soft – she likes to layer her fragrance on top of it. So now you know how to look and smell yummy just like Yoncé.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion and Baby Wipes

Katy Perry loves wearing costumes covered in candy, so it should come as no surprise that her skin smells like chocolate. Katy told Glamour that she's been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion since high school and that she can't leave home without it. She also uses plain ol' baby wipes to remove makeup.

So don't feel down about not being able to afford high-end beauty products. Who needs La Mer when Megan Fox uses a $13 drugstore cream to keep her complexion looking creamy and dreamy? And who needs those fancy-schmancy under-eye patches that all the cool kids are wearing in their selfies when Jennifer Aniston uses Vaseline and cheap butt cream to moisturize the skin underneath her eyes? You really can look beautiful on a budget. So are you a fan of any of the drugstore products listed above?

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