25 Ear Tattoos You Are Going to Love ...

By Eliza

25 Ear Tattoos You Are Going to Love ...

Chances are you've seen someone with a tattoo behind their ear, right? They have to be small, but it's a place that many people choose for their skin art. I will tell you that because there isn't a ton of skin covering the bone behind your ear, it will hurt a bit. However, it's a classy place to put a tattoo that won't be super obvious to everyone. Here are some ear tattoos that I think you are going to like.

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1 Tiny Elephant

Tiny Elephant Via 55 Elephant Tattoo Ideas | ...
Elephants are my favorite animal, so I'm drawn to this ear tattoo. Of course, you could always choose your own favorite animal.

2 A Flock of Birds

A Flock of Birds Via Funny Behind The Ear Tattoo ...
This cute flock of birds is perfect behind your ear. You can use your hair to cover it if you need to.

Every woman has her unique charm and beauty, hidden beneath layers of self-doubt. In the shared journey of empowering each other, it's important to look beyond the surface. Just like the secrets that these pretty girls won't tell you, there are countless untold stories behind each woman's glow. Embrace your insecurities, they can be your means to confidence.

3 Simple Cross

Simple Cross The good news about a tattoo that is simple like this one, is that it won't take very long to get done.

4 Feather behind the Ear

Feather behind the Ear Via Cute Feather Tattoo Behind Ear
Feathers can be made small or large, making them a great idea for your ear tattoo.

5 Swirls with a Heart

Swirls with a Heart Via C'est tout un art ! ...
This is cute, don''t you think? If you have artistic skills, you can draw your own tattoo.

6 Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Via Beautiful Ink
Catch all of your dreams with this lovely ear tattoo. I like how it extends down onto her neck.

7 Paw Prints

Paw Prints Via Free Tattoo Designs : footprint ...
Memorialize a favorite pet with a few cute paw prints behind your ear.

8 Itty Bitty Owl

Itty Bitty Owl Via Tattoos & Piercings
Here's another great animal tattoo that would be perfect behind your ear.

9 Say Something

Say Something Via Tattoos
Choose a favorite quote of phrase to place behind your ear. This one is perfect!

10 Swooping Bird

Swooping Bird Via Small swallow tattoo behind girls ...
This bird in flight looks so happy behind her ear.

11 Something Funny

Something Funny Via Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas ...
Where's Waldo? If you have a sense of humor, this tattoo is sure to make lots of people laugh.

12 Play Some Music

Play Some Music Via Music Note Tattoo Designs
This is a simple tattoo, but it is meaningful to people who love music.

13 Get a Flower

Get a Flower Via Tattoo
Any type of flower is going to look wonderful placed behind your ear.

14 Really Tiny

Really Tiny Via 74 Of The Tiniest, Most ...
Even a very tiny ear tattoo like this one is going to look good. It just won't be the only thing people see about you.

15 A Meaningful Symbol

A Meaningful Symbol Via behind on Tumblr
You probably know of a symbol that means something to you. It would make a lovely tattoo.

16 Constellations

Constellations Via Community Post: 20 Awesome Minimalist ...
If you're into starts and such, they make a fun choice for a tattoo.

17 Tribal Sun

Tribal Sun Via 30 Really Awesome Behind The ...
Tribal designs are pretty popular and chances are you can find one that is small enough to fit just right behind your ear.

18 Antlers

Antlers Via Whawhawhawha.info
I'm not sure this would be my first choice, but I really like it.

19 Star Outlines

Star Outlines Via Tattoo
These little star outlines are classy. What do you think?

20 Another Flower

Another Flower Via Free Tattoo Designs : Flower ...
Here's another great flower that looks cute behind the ear.

21 Colorful Diamonds

Colorful Diamonds Via 21 Behind-the-ear Tattoo Ideas
True, many behind the ear tattoos are black, but don't be afraid of one with color.

22 An Arrow

An Arrow Via lovvve
Remind yourself of your direction in life with a simple arrow like this one.

23 Butterfly

Butterfly Via Top 10 Ear Tattoo Designs
You can never go wrong with a colorful butterfly when you're choosing your next tattoo.

24 Coming through

Coming through Via 33 Stunning Behind The Ear ...
It's unique how the lizard is coming through the ear. What do you think?

25 Colorful Feather

Colorful Feather Via 25+ Amazing Pictures of Ear ...
This feather has tons of color, but is still understated and cool looking.

Would you get a tattoo behind your ear? I think it's a great place for one. Which one is your favorite?

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I'll admit most of them are red because theyre just new, but that owl one is swollen and peeling, and white with red around the edges, all signs of an infection. Not saying its a bad article but improperly done tattoos are a big problem and give tattoos a bad name, so its important to share pictures of nice pretty healthy tattoos! cheers ladies, no need to call people stupid

Hahaha you people are stupid, NONE of these tattoos are infected haha

Happen to think that you can't improve upon perfection by adding artwork! :)

The tattoos are not infected. Redness indicates that it has just been done. Raised or peeling in the tattoo is part of the healing process as the skin is pushing excess ink out of the skin. @Kelly: there are thousands of grandmothers around the world who have tattoos. @Daniel: there might not be any "white out" but there is laser removal, it's more painful but can be done.

Most of these are so trashy! Do people realize they're permanent? I can't imagine a grandmother with some of these designs...

Tatoos are independent choice love it or leave it don't condemn the person having it

They aren't infected. Just red because they're new!

Always. Credit. The. Tattoo. Artists. Also some of these look mad infected and poorly done.

Agree Kelly! Like does the Mona Lisa need a facelift? Does the Venus de Milo need a boob job? And permanent? We have enough regrets without plastering them on our bodies! How many times have we heard about some one who engraved the name of "The One" only to hear Oops my bad? No whiteout for that mistake!

Not a fan of tattoos

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