45 Incredible Watercolor Tattoos ...

By Madison

45 Incredible Watercolor Tattoos ...

Out of all the recent tattoo trends, the watercolor tattoos are my favorite. The beautiful, swirling colors create unique pieces of art. Some of these tattoos use black outlining, while others simply rely on the bright colors. If you are thinking about a new tattoo, maybe you'll find some inspiration in these incredible watercolor tattoos.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Mermaid
  2. 2. Birds
  3. 3. Hummingbird
  4. 4. Abstract
  5. 5. Owl
  6. 6. Galaxy
  7. 7. Feather
  8. 8. Wildflowers
  9. 9. Lotus
  10. 10. Skull
  11. 11. Color
  12. 12. Compass
  13. 13. Rainstorm
  14. 14. Doctor Who
  15. 15. Dandelion
  16. 16. Flowers
  17. 17. Feather
  18. 18. Love
  19. 19. Bow
  20. 20. Painted Flowers
  21. 21. Compass Rose
  22. 22. Flowers
  23. 23. Flower
  24. 24. Color
  25. 25. Wings
  26. 26. Face
  27. 27. Dandelion & Quote
  28. 28. Tree & Bird
  29. 29. Tree
  30. 30. Perching Bird
  31. 31. Compass and Anchor
  32. 32. Subtle Lines
  33. 33. Fox
  34. 34. Tree & Compass
  35. 35. Birds & Anchor
  36. 36. Geometrical Shape
  37. 37. Quote
  38. 38. Tree & Birds
  39. 39. Eye
  40. 40. Ballerina
  41. 41. Up
  42. 42. Wolf
  43. 43. Mickey Mouse
  44. 44. Abstract Color
  45. 45. Abstract Flower

1 Mermaid

What better choice for a watercolor tattoo than a creature of the sea?

2 Birds

tattoo,skin,arm,flower,close up, Via My First Colour Tattoo!

I love the contrast between the black birds and their bright, watercolor wings.

3 Hummingbird

tattoo,arm,flower,human body,wing, Via 55 Amazing Hummingbird Tattoo Designs ...

This watercolor tattoo is the perfect example of why you should color outside the lines.

4 Abstract

tattoo,arm,skin,mouth,leg, Watercolor tattoos are so beautiful, they don't even require a design. This tattoo looks like pink and purple smoke drifting through the air.

5 Owl

tattoo,nose,arm,head,organ, Via Tattoos

Opting for a watercolor design adds a whimsical touch to your favorite animal.

6 Galaxy

tattoo,arm,leg,thigh,human body, Showcase your love for the stars with a gorgeous watercolor tattoo.

7 Feather

clothing,undergarment,close up,arm,g string, Via 80+ Best Tattoo Design for ...

Add your own unique flare to the popular feather tattoo by opting for pastel colors.

8 Wildflowers

tattoo,leg,arm,thigh,human body, Via 46 Brilliant Watercolor Tattoos - ...

This wildflower tattoo looks just like a painting!

9 Lotus

tattoo,flower,arm,tattoo artist,human body, Via Egodesigns Tattoos

I love the movement created by the lines and colors on this amazing lotus tattoo.

10 Skull

face,tattoo,nose,head,arm, Via Amazing Watercolor Tattoos ( 32 ...

I love the contrast between the harshness of the skull and the delicate color scheme.

11 Color

color,finger,nose,arm,close up, Via 39 People With Watercolor Paintings ...

I love the way the colors fade out in this watercolor tattoo.

12 Compass

tattoo,arm,hand,flower,pattern, Via dopily.com

This tattoo serves as a great reminder to always follow your own path in life.

13 Rainstorm

tattoo,arm,hand,human body,chest, Via Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor ...

This tattoo expertly displays the gloominess of a rainy day but also the rainbow that follows the storm.

14 Doctor Who

tattoo,arm,flower,hand,chest, Via Community Post: 50 Fantastic "Doctor ...

Display your love for your favorite TV show with a watercolor tattoo just like this Dr. Who fan did.

15 Dandelion

clothing,arm,tattoo,leg,thigh, Via 9 Beautiful Dandelion Tattoo Designs

I am obsessed with this take on the ever-popular dandelion tattoo.

16 Flowers

tattoo,arm,leg,flower,hand, Via Tattoos.....

Wow! Have you ever seen a brighter shade of pink and blue?

17 Feather

arm,tattoo,fashion accessory,bird,feather, Via 55+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo

I love the subtleness of this watercolor tattoo.

18 Love

tattoo,finger,arm,hand,organ, Via 39 People With Watercolor Paintings ...

The pretty colors in the word 'Love' really standout against the jet-black key in the center.

19 Bow

tattoo,arm,skin,back,pattern, Via Amazing Watercolor Tattoos ( 32 ...

I love how the intensity of the colors fades out further down the bow. It really adds to the delicate design of the tattoo.

20 Painted Flowers

flower,pink,plant,tattoo,arm, Via Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor ...

These flowers are so gorgeous the way they appear to be painted directly on her skin.

21 Compass Rose

mehndi,pattern,henna,design,arm, Via 15 Examples of Awesome Watercolor ...

You can add to an existing black tattoo by adding watercolor to accentuate it.

22 Flowers

tattoo,arm,tattoo artist,human body,chest, Via 55 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos | ...

This artist chose to tattoo lifelike flowers while also creating a whimsical element by the curly stems and watercolor shading.

23 Flower

tattoo,flower,arm,tattoo artist,human body, Via Tattoo Ideas of the Week ...

I love the placement of this watercolor tattoo on the chest because it allows the beautiful colors to peek out with any low-cut top.

24 Color

hair,face,clothing,photography,beauty, Via HelloInterview: Meet Brittany Cozzens, one ...

This subtle watercolor tattoo is one of my favorites. The pastel mix of green, pink, blue, and orange is reminiscent of mermaid scales.

25 Wings

hair,tattoo,hairstyle,arm,back, Via 39 People With Watercolor Paintings ...

Opting for watercolor style makes for a unique spin on the classical angel wing tattoo.

26 Face

pink,arm,fashion accessory,magenta,hand, Via 65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo ...

This tattoo truly is a piece of art.

27 Dandelion & Quote

tattoo,arm,flower,pattern,hand, Via 55+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo

I love the combination of colors, the dandelion, and the quote for this gorgeous tattoo.

28 Tree & Bird

clothing,thigh,leg,tattoo,footwear, Via Watercolor style tattoos are gorgeous: ...

This tattoo makes a bold statement by having the picture on both legs.

29 Tree

blue,tattoo,woman,beauty,arm, I am obsessed with the way this tree is darker on the right side and fades out on the left.

30 Perching Bird

tattoo,arm,tattoo artist,leg,pattern, Via Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor ...

The dots that extend above the bird add a nice dimension to this watercolor tattoo.

31 Compass and Anchor

tattoo,arm,hand,human body,chest, Via 46 Brilliant Watercolor Tattoos - ...

I think it's genius to express your love for the ocean through a watercolor tattoo.

32 Subtle Lines

clothing,photography,tattoo,arm,skin, Via 25 Examples Of Artistic Watercolor ...

This stunning tattoo looks like a brushstroke across her shoulder.

33 Fox

tattoo,arm,skin,muscle,organ, Via Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor ...

The way this tattoo extends from the chest to the back creates a nice watercolor effect.

34 Tree & Compass

tattoo,arm,organ,trunk,human body, Via Watercolor style tattoos are gorgeous: ...

The use of watercolor here looks like leaves on the branches.

35 Birds & Anchor

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,human body, Via 20 Watercolor tattoos | Tattoodo.com

You can show off your love for the sky and ocean with this creative tattoo.

36 Geometrical Shape

hair,face,hairstyle,black hair,forehead, This simple triangle makes a bold statement.

37 Quote

tattoo,arm,font,human body,chest, Via 65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo ...

Instead of plainly getting your favorite quote or lyric tattooed, consider adding some style with a watercolor backdrop.

38 Tree & Birds

tattoo,arm,skin,flower,back, Via 46 Brilliant Watercolor Tattoos - ...

The watercolor work in this tattoo serves as a sunset for the birds.

39 Eye

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body, Via Watercolor Tattoos

I love the way the watercolor on this tattoo looks like eyeshadow.

40 Ballerina

tattoo,arm,hand,tattoo artist,human body, Via 65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo ...

Instead of a portrait tattoo, you can showcase your love for someone in an abstract way, like this girl did for her mother.

41 Up

tattoo,arm,organ,tattoo artist,hand, This Up-inspired tattoo looks amazing with watercolor balloons.

42 Wolf

tattoo,arm,tattoo artist,pattern,human body, Not all watercolor tattoos have to use bright colors, this wolf proves that a black and white watercolor design can look just as eye-catching.

43 Mickey Mouse

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,thigh, Via 21 Tattoos All Disney Fans ...

I am in love with this watercolor take on everyone's favorite mouse!

44 Abstract Color

pink,tattoo,arm,skin,mouth, Via 39 People With Watercolor Paintings ...

With the smear of black in the center, this watercolor tattoo reminds me of an artist's palette.

45 Abstract Flower

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,sense, Via 39 People With Watercolor Paintings ...

The strokes of color create a flower-like shape in this abstract watercolor tattoo.

Watercolor tattoos allow you to create paintings on your skin. The bright or pastel colors look beautiful as abstract designs or to accentuate the black lines of a tattoo.

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