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Everything You Need to Know about Lip Fillers before Getting Them ...

By Eliza

When it comes to Google searches, lip fillers is something that tops the list of most searched items. Why? Because they are a fairly non-invasive way to plump your lips and make them look full and lush. You've heard the horror stories of beauty treatments gone all wrong so maybe you're a bit nervous to try lip fillers. Fortunately, they've come a long way, but it still pays to know what you're up against before you go under the knife, or the needle in this case.

1 What's a Lip Filler Made from?

Many of the newest and best lip fillers are actually hyaluronic acid, something you've probably seen on the ingredients list of some of your beauty products. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your body and has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it ideal for filling out your pucker. Unlike the silicone fillers of the past, there is less of a chance of a reaction with hyaluronic acid as a lip filler.

2 Who Should do the Treatment?

The very best thing to do when you want to get a lip filler is to see a professional. Some spas offer the treatment or you might be invited to a party where lip fillers are available. Under no circumstances should you let anyone near your lips with a needle unless he or she is certified and can prove it. Otherwise you run the risk of side effects or a botched treatment that could lead to further problems.

3 What Does It Feel like?

Once you've found the perfect person to administer your lip filler, you're good to go. It can make the entire process a bit easier if you know what to expect. Some ladies say they feel a bit of pain when the needle goes in, while others say it's more like a pinch. Once the needle is under your skin, you may feel the product pumping into your lips. Many doctors will cover the area with a numbing cream to help keep it from hurting so badly. Some women experience pain as the cream wears off while others say it's not so bad.

4 How do I Get Started?

Unfortunately, you can't decide you need fuller lips one morning and have them by the end of the day, unless you go the dangerous route of letting anyone do the treatment. Most certified doctors will have you come in for a consultation first, which allows him to determine how much filler you need and where exactly to place the needle. Once you both know exactly what's needed and what will be done, you will set up the appointment to undergo the procedure.

5 What Are the Side Effects?

Because your body naturally makes hyaluronic acid, if you go that route, there are very few side effects. Your doctor can counteract any that occur in the office with another injection should something happen. In the day or two following the procedure, you might notice a bit of swelling and may be able to feel where the needle punctured your skin. This will go away pretty quickly. If you choose silicone or another type of filler, the risk of misshapen lips or other complications are higher.

6 How do I Find a Doctor?

Like I said before, it's important to choose an experienced and licensed doctor to give you a lip filler. Asking friends or family members who have had the procedure done may be a good way to find a reputable doctor. Otherwise, you can ask your dermatologist or general practitioner for a referral.

7 Is It Safe?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions you should ask yourself is if it's safe. As long as you're leaving the procedure to the pros, you are pretty safe. However, as with any type of cosmetic enhancement, there is a risk of something going wrong. Make sure the tools and product are removed from a fresh box before the needle goes in and you're likely as safe as you can be.

Have you ever had a lip filler? What advice can you share?

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