Everything You Need to Know about Beauty Wraps ...


Everything You Need to Know  about Beauty Wraps ...
Everything You Need to Know  about Beauty Wraps ...

We all want to be the prettiest and most svelte version of ourselves, right? There are loads of ways to get to this goal, including body wraps. You’ve probably heard all about body wraps and how they can transform your looks in just a short amount of time. As with anything though, it’s best to get an education regarding body wraps so that you know what to expect and can decide if one might be the right choice for you. Here’s what to know about body wraps.

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How Does a Body Wrap Work?

The actual body wrap procedure will vary slightly among spas, but the basic idea is the same. You’ll be wrapped in cloths that have been infused with a variety of ingredients. That includes honey, rosemary, butter, chocolate and eucalyptus. Once you’re all wrapped up, you’ll get to relax in a darkened room with soft music while the body wrap works its magic. Sounds pretty great to me!


Heat up, then Cool down

One of the ways that a body wrap works is by making you sweat. Many spas will use thin plastic combined with towels when they wrap you up. Each body part is wrapped separately. Once that’s done, your tech will cover you with a heated blanket. All those layers help you sweat, which one of the reasons why a body wrap is touted as a way to detox and drop some pounds.


There Are a Couple Types of Body Wraps

Body wraps are used for a couple of different reasons and your goal will help you decide which one to get. For some, a body wrap is simply a relaxing way to moisturize and refresh your skin. Some women have the procedure to detox the skin by helping pull out toxins through sweat. Still others choose a body wrap to help them shed a couple of pounds and minimize the appearance of cellulite. Which one do you want to get?


Will You Really Detox?

This aspect of body wraps is debatable, but most experts say you can benefit your skin with one. Many body wraps, particularly the clay ones can help pull impurities and toxins from your skin, but it won’t detox your liver and kidneys. You may notice that your skin looks and feels better after a body wrap, but you probably can’t rely on it to improve your overall health.


Will You Actually Lose Weight?

The weight loss you achieve after a body wrap is not likely to be permanent. You may experience a bit of tightness and slightly slimmer look for a day or two, but this is simply due to the loss of water weight. If you want to look fab in a bikini this weekend or you’re in a wedding, a body wrap can give you the svelte look you want for a short time, but you cannot rely on it for permanent weight loss.

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Will You Lose Cellulite?

As women we’re all on a quest to get rid of that bumpy cellulite on our butts and thighs. Once it’s there, it’s there to stay, but you can do lots of things to minimize the appearance of the problem. That being said, a body wrap can temporarily smooth your skin, but it will never totally get rid of the cellulite on your body.


Other Things to Consider when You Are Thinking about a Body Wrap

For most women a body wrap can be a temporary boon for their looks. At the very least it can help you relax and take a break for a little while. However, there a couple of other things to think about too. If you have sensitive skin, some of the ingredients used in a body wrap can irritate you. If you are taking certain medications, a body wrap might not be a good choice for you. Finally, if you suffer from claustrophobia, you might hate every second of a body wrap.


What's the Body Wrap Process Feel like?

It's long- let me just start there. Most wraps are 60 minutes plus exfoliation time before and clean up after. You have to lay still for the most part because you don't want to move the wrap around a lot and have it fall off. And most wraps (like ones from ItWorks) recommend you drink water during the process to help you detox more.


Whats a Body Wrap Cost?

Prices vary. Through most ItWorks consultants it's $20-25, a spa will obviously charge more for their body wraps but it also comes with the experience. It also depends what you're wrapping, if you do tummy and thighs it's going to be more because you need more wraps. So basically, expect $20+ either home or spa.


Will I Notice a Difference?

Measurements before and after are important. Sometimes you don't notice the differences without seeing the measurements change. You obviously won't go from a size 8 to a size 2 but it's a great weekend fix before an event or a special night out you're feeling bloated for.

Have you ever had a body wrap? What were the pros and cons?

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Agree ^ losing weight and doing lunges kills most of my cellulite

Cellulite is not there to stay if your determined enough!

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