7 Fabulous Beauty Bloggers to Get Inspired by ...


7 Fabulous Beauty Bloggers to Get Inspired by ...
7 Fabulous Beauty Bloggers to Get Inspired by ...

Whenever I have a few extra minutes on my hands, I love to chill out and catch up with my favorite beauty bloggers. Most beauty bloggers these days have a YouTube channel, as well as their own websites, and you can also follow them on social networking sites, such as Twitter. All these are places to connect and catch up to the most recent inspiring posts your favorite beauty bloggers have shared! Read on for a list of my own favorite beauty bloggers that you can be inspired by too!

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Carah Amelie

Without a doubt, Carah Amelie is my number one, top favorite beauty blogger of all beauty bloggers! She has so many amazing tutorials on makeup, hair, DIY, and even fashion! You can find just about anything you are looking for on her channel, and you won’t leave empty-handed. She also has a channel on the side for filming vlogs, so you can get a look into her everyday life. Her makeup tutorials are my fave, but if you go to her seeking hair help or fashion advice, you won’t be disappointed!


Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy is one of the beauty bloggers I have been following the longest. She has some phenomenal makeup tips on her channel! Whether you are looking for a natural style or something bold and fun, she will always have what you need for inspiration. Sometimes we just need that extra pop of color to brighten our looks. If you don’t have a ton of experience using color on your face, Dulce Candy is your girl! She always looks fun and fresh, and that’s one of the best ways to grab your followers' attention. Practice what you preach!


The Small Things Blog

The Small Things Blog is a blog that was recommended to me by a relative, and I have to say, I’m obsessed! If you stop by and visit, you will be in good hands. Kate is best known for her hair tutorials, and they are my favorite part about her blog, although she has fashion and home interior decorating tips available as well. She has some very creative looks, and I’ve been satisfied with each style that I’ve tried so far!


Kandee Johnson

One of the first beauty videos I ever watched on YouTube was by Kandee Johnson! The things I love most about this sweet lady are her tips and tricks. No matter what she is talking about, she comes across as in the know, professional, and very relatable! She’s my go-to girl when I need advice for how to look red-carpet ready.


Kendi Everyday

Now this beauty blogger is more of a fashion blogger than a beauty blogger, because her website pertains to fashion. But beauty is all about looking good, and we can’t do that without a little fashion help, now can we? I really wanted to include her on my list of inspirational beauty bloggers, because her outfits are always well thought out, unique, and very interesting. She has a great sense of humor as well; I find that reading her blog brings a smile to my face every time!


Michelle Phan

I think my favorite thing about Michelle Phan is the sound of her voice. No, seriously, she has a very sweet and soothing aura about her when she talks, and her videos always come across as well thought out and nicely put together. Her skin care tutorials are my fave, but she has some bomb makeup looks as well. You can tell she follows her own tips religiously, because she has amazing skin!


Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy is a blogger that I’ve only recently been following, but I have to say I’ve never been so impressed! What gets me the most about Wendy is her upbeat, ultra friendly attitude, with lots of humor sprinkled in. Her taste in fashion is a little more high-end, and she always looks beautiful. I love her hairstyle tutorials; she never has a hair out of place! Look her up; I know you’ll be inspired one way or the other.

You can find any of these awesome beauty gurus on YouTube, or by searching for their personal blogs via Google. And most or all of them have other social networking sites, including Twitter and Instagram. What did you think about my list? Please comment below with your own favorite beauty bloggers to be inspired by!

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Sarah belle, & a southern lady!

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists on the international beauty and fashion circuits today.

Carah is my absolute favorite!

You should follow camila coelho she is just amazing !!

Vegas Nay!!!

I like emilynoel83. She's amazing.

I love Vintage or Tacky and Irina with her Beauty Vault tutorials! They are my favorites!

Yeah!! I love Michelle Phan! ^_^

Funny how macbarbie07 aka bethany is not here :P shes amazing <3

Michelle Phan<3

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