10 Fabulous Makeup Tips for Women over 50 ...

By Lisa

10 Fabulous Makeup Tips for Women over 50 ...

Makeup tips for women over 50 aren’t as abundant as makeup tips for younger women but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important! Makeup application techniques that worked for us when we were younger don’t always apply when we get older so I’ve found 10 simple and fabulous makeup tips for women over 50 to look and feel your best every day!

1 Less is More

Less is More When it comes to makeup tips for women over 50, less is always more! As we get older, our lips tend to thin out and if you want to define and plump up lips some more, try using a neutral colored lip liner to amplify the lip line, swipe lipstick and apply a shiny gloss to the middle of the lips to plump them out. Avoid using a dark contrasting color to line your lips as it can make you appear older.

2 Define the Eyes

Define the Eyes One of the makeup tips for women over 50 that is debatable is liquid vs. pencil eye liner. Women over 50 often say that their eye shape has changed and appear smaller than before so lining and defining those eyes are definitely a yes. Most eye shapes of older women tend to look better with a softly lined look rather than a harshly drawn line on the upper eye.

The eyes are an important feature to consider when applying makeup. Older women often experience a decrease in the fullness of their eyelids, which can be addressed with the application of eyeshadow and eyeliner. When applying eyeliner, it is best to use a soft, smudged line for a more natural look. Additionally, the use of waterproof mascara is recommended for those with mature eyes, as it helps prevent smudging and flaking. For those with hooded eyelids, using an eyeshadow primer can help create a more even base for the eyeshadow. Lastly, applying a light-reflecting highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes can help to brighten the eyes and make them appear larger.

3 Fill in Brows

Fill in Brows One of the most overlooked tips for makeup for women over 50 is to fill in those brows! No one looks good with thin, severe lines for eyebrows! After combing down your eyebrows, fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil that’s a shade darker than your hair color and then go over your brows with a brow powder. Thicker eyebrows will make you appear more youthful and fresh-faced!

4 Shun Shimmer

Shun Shimmer Another important makeup tip for mature women is to avoid shimmery or pearl colors. Often times, shimmery shades can intensify the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as exaggerate the texture of skin. Look for neutral colors that flatter your features and blend well, avoid anything that’s overly bright and highlights features you want to hide!

5 Just a Tint

Just a Tint A commonly ignored makeup tip for women over 50 is not to use foundation all over the face. The great thing about mature skin is that you tend to not have the same skin problems that you did when you were younger so you can use foundation sparingly or just use a tinted moisturizer instead. The same rule for lips applies here; less is more so skip the product overload, show off your beautiful skin!

6 Make Me Blush

Make Me Blush When it comes to blush, the main makeup tip for mature women is to only apply color to the apples of your cheeks and blend, blend, blend! As we age our face gets slimmer and applying blush to the cheekbones only accentuates this feature which can look quite unflattering. Give your cheeks a nice wash of color and smooth out any harsh lines.

7 The Lashes Have It

The Lashes Have It Mascara is still a must and a great makeup tip for women over 50 is to apply mascara in a volumizing formula to the top lashes only. Wearing mascara or eyeliner on your lower lash line or water line can make eyes appear smaller or easily smudge. Keep it simple by only applying a quick coat to your upper lashes and you’re ready to go!

8 Prime Time

Prime Time This makeup tip for mature women might seem like an unnecessary step to some since you want to use less product overall, but it’s actually a quite important step in the makeup application process. Using an illuminating primer can help makeup stay on longer as well as give your skin a radiant look from the reflective particles in the primer which look great on mature skin!

9 The Cover up

The Cover up Using concealer isn’t just for zits and bags under the eyes from lack of sleep, it’s a great makeup tip for mature women to practice to cover up any dark areas on the face. Another great tip is to use concealer on both the outer and inner corners of eyes to really open them up and accentuate them. Using concealer around the eye area can help eyes appear larger and younger.

10 Easy on the Eyes

Easy on the Eyes The last of my makeup tips for women over 50 is to go for soft, neutral colors when it comes to choosing eye shadow colors. Deep, dark colors can make eyelids appear heavy and accentuate deep set eyes so use a light hand when applying eye shadow and go for light and soft colors instead of heavily pigmented colors.

I think women of all ages can benefit from these makeup tips for women over 50! You can never go wrong with using neutrals and making sure your makeup is very well blended! What are some of your favorite makeup tips for women over 50?

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I am going to be 50 in September and all of the women featured looks like they are over 65. I disagree with older women wearing light makeup. If you know how to apply correctly, lined lips and eyes, a bit of shimmer to the eyeshadow and highlight those cheekbones can be absolutely beautiful on us older women.

"Don't line the lower lash" on a photo of a woman with eyeliner all the way across her lower lash...and looks great with it.

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