7 Freshest Beauty Trends for Fall 2016 ...


It might still be warm outside but before you know it, we’ll be trading in our tank tops for sweaters and craving hot chocolate! To help ease us into the changing season, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the exciting new beauty trends that are predicted to be big for fall straight from the runways! I love to try to see what’s hot for the upcoming season and think up ways I can incorporate these trends into my look. Take a peek at some of the hottest beauty trends you can look forward to this fall!

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Graphic Eyeliner

clothing, hair, black, model, painting, Eyeliner is part of my everyday beauty routine but sometimes it’s nice to stray from the same old cat eye and try something bigger and bolder. There were lots of model spotted with art-inspired eyeliner consisting of over lining the bottom of the eye to overdrawn cat eyes. Some beauty trends you see on the runway do not translate well to everyday makeup but I can totally see this working. It’s a good way to emphasize your eyes without overdoing the eye shadow.


Messy Hair

hair, blond, blue, model, woman, Messy and undone is the way to go this fall which works out perfect for lazy girls like me! Some designers opted to go for a loose and low ponytail or messy waves on their models. The key to pulling off this look is to keep it strategically messy and voluminous. Don’t let your hair get too wild or you run the risk of looking like you forgot to do your hair. Keep makeup clean and simple and you’re golden.


Modern Goth

hair, blond, model, person, woman, If you love a dark lip or dark, smoky eyes with minimal makeup elsewhere, get excited because this look was huge on the models. Go for a bold, black smoky eye and keep the rest of your face and lips minimal. The result is a modern take on a gothic makeup look that works best for nights out. If you decide to try the dark lip, try glossy plum or even matte black.


Glittery Eyes

clothing, hair, hairstyle, brown, long hair, Dark makeup not your thing? Not to worry because neon makeup and glittery eyes were front and center on the runway as well. Chunky glitter on the outer eye, neon eyeliner, pastel blue lips, and even pastel glitter on the brows were seen on models. Wearing glitter on your eyes or brows might be too much for work but you can always incorporate brightly colored or glittery eyeliner or colorful mascara in your look.


Doll Lashes

eyebrow, nose, beauty, model, black hair, Spiky, Twiggy-inspired lashes graced the Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, and Carven models. Think thick, spiky eye lashes that are doll-like. Coat both your top and bottom lashes in black mascara and don’t be afraid to overdo it. You want to create spidery lashes that look exaggerated. Pair this with a dark lip or a soft, matte lip. You can play with this look and make it sexy or innocent.

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Glossy Lips and Lids

eyebrow, nose, beauty, eye, eyelash, Ultra-glossy lips and eyes are a fresh look for fall. Glossy lips can really amp up any look and I like that they can make lips appear plumper. Glossy eyelids that appeared wet was another trendy look. Some makeup artists used a sheer wash of color for that slept-in makeup look whereas some others opted for a clear glossy look on the lids. Both look ridiculously chic and looks good on everyone.


Polished Braids

clothing, black hair, model, beauty, leg, If you prefer a sleek look to messy and undone, opt for a sleek braid or two. Instead of the traditional braid, try a braided chignon, pigtail braids, two-strand braids, or twisted pigtails. They all look super chic and it’s a perfect way to style 2nd or 3rd day hair without a lot of fuss! Do like the models did and finish off your braid with a bow or colorful clips.

It’s always nice to see new takes on classic makeup. Personally, I really love the look of slept-in eye makeup so I definitely want to try the glossy eyes. Do you think you’d ever try any of these trends?

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I love all these trends.

Modern goth and glossy lips 😍😍

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Nice trends, I will add more glitter on my eyelids and try sleek braids.

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