57 Fun Poses to Spice up Your Pics for the Selfie Queens of the World ...


57 Fun Poses to Spice up Your Pics for the Selfie  Queens of the World ...
57 Fun Poses to Spice up Your Pics for the Selfie  Queens of the World ...

How can you not love someone who calls herself, "one of those selfie bitches?" @christinekerr is all about the selfie as evidenced by her IG and honestly, she's got the best poses. If you love her makeup, she has has a tutorial on YouTube you've gotta check out. See more of this beautiful selfie queen below!

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hair, eyebrow, person, nose, black hair,


person, woman, eyebrow, black hair, beauty,


clothing, hair, black, eyebrow, hairstyle,


clothing, hair, black hair, hairstyle, leg,


hair, eyebrow, person, blue, facial hair,


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Insertions into Ideological Circuits 2: Banknote Project, hand, jewellery, GOD,


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clothing, woman, blond, thigh, model,


person, black hair, glasses, Djs,


hair, hairstyle, vision care, eyewear, eyebrow,


clothing, hair, person, leg, black hair,


clothing, hair, vision care, hairstyle, forehead,

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@Seemadhvaryu Yes they r and here i was thinking 57 POSES??L

What's her ig

Hey Olga, what an adorable eyebrows you have that not only enhance your look but can also give a stunning touch to your selfies. Take your selfie from simple to stunning in seconds by using your tricks and tips and will make you look your absolute best. We have introduced very innovative technology “eyebrows microblading” that is less insidious form of permanent makeup. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the glance of their eyebrows.

I love the sunglasses one

Guess what she'll look like without makeup

She wears too much makeup........


I almost mistaken her for Megan Fox

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