Great Tips to Help You Look Awake without the Use of Makeup ...

By Jessica

Great Tips to Help You Look Awake without the Use of Makeup ...

There are tons of makeup hacks out there to look well rested and awake! But, not everyone has time for a full makeup routine in the morning! Fortunately, there are other methods that you can use that don't involve makeup to brighten up your face but are just as effective. Not only are they effective, they're super easy and convenient! Keep reading for some great tips to help you look wide awake and ready for the day! 👀

1 Splash of Cold Water ❄️💦

snow, weather, winter, ice, Right when you get up, splash some cold water on your face! Cool water will reduce both redness and puffy eyes. The cool temperature will also perk up your face, make you feel more awake instantly, and it's totally refreshing!

2 End Your Shower on a "cold" Note 🚿

photograph, image, Many people opt for showering in the morning because it's a good way to start the day! Nothing beats a warm shower to slowly wake up the body in a relaxing, rejuvenating way. However, it can also make you a bit sleepy! When you're done with your shower routine, switch over to a short burst of cool/cold water! It'll wake you up, close your pores, and make your hair shiny!

3 Get Moving! 🚴🏼

clothing, person, active undergarment, thigh, black hair, I know it may not seem like a good idea to work out in the morning (especially if you're not a morning person!), but it really is! Getting your body moving and blood pumping gives you a boost of energy, clears your mind, and of course, burns those calories! You'll also have a lovely flushed glow and more radiant skin! 👌🏽

4 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 💦

human action, clothing, person, human positions, muscle, Nothing makes you look tired and worn down (besides actually BEING tired and worn down), than not properly hydrating your body! Dehydration, even slightly so, causes your skin to look dull, your face sunken in, and overall you'll look more run down. Hydrate to keep your body working properly and your skin fresh and healthy!

5 Wear Color (but the Right Shade) 👗

clothing, outerwear, fur, footwear, long hair, When you're having one of those days where you wake up and just look exhausted (despite your best efforts), don't underestimate your clothing choices! Go for a bold color that suits your skin tone instead of neutral tones. Eyes will gravitate towards your outfit instead of those unfortunate under eye bags. And a flattering color will also reflect beautifully in your complexion!

6 Don't Forget Your Statement Jewels! 👑

ring, jewellery, finger, fashion accessory, wedding ring, Wearing statement pieces have the same effect as the color pop outfit--a flattering distraction from those tired-eye days! But keep in mind less is more; too much going on in one outfit will just come off as chaotic and distracting (not in a good way)! Go for one gorgeous piece that pulls your whole look together! And when you're put together, you look willing and able to conquer anything!

7 Use Eyedrops, but Sparingly 🙈👀

person, clothing, photography, lady, long hair, On those mornings where you get up and your eyes are red from lack of sleep, you might have to reach for your eyedrops! OTC eyedrops aren't a good solution for everyday use because they can cause irritation, however when you're in a pinch they're perfect!

I know makeup is a go-to solution for many skin annoyances, including erasing any evidence of exhaustion! But to save time in the morning, these tricks are sure to help! Do you have any tips of your own? Share them with us! 🙏🏼

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