Legendary Tips to Help You Hide the Signs You Pulled an All Nighter ...


Legendary  Tips to Help You Hide the Signs You Pulled an All Nighter ...
Legendary  Tips to Help You Hide the Signs You Pulled an All Nighter ...

There are few women that can pull an all-nighter and not show the effects of sleep deprivation. It shows on your face, in your eyes and maybe even your body, if it slows down due to lack of repair and reinvigoration. But there are ways to fake it, to look like you still got your beauty sleep and to boost your energy enough to carry you through the day.

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Get outside for Some Vitamin D

sunlight, atmospheric phenomenon, light, habitat, morning, One of the best hacks when you pulled an all-nighter is to, simply, get out in the sunshine! The temptation might be to close the blinds and stay in the comforting dark of your room until the very last moment, but the more time you give your body to get some Vitamin D on board, the more refreshed and normal you will look, even with no sleep! Getting out in to natural sunlight can help to ‘reset’ your body clock and trick yourself in to going for another few hours before you completely crash.


Get Some Water on Board for a Natural Energy Boost

person, film noir, singing, speech, Even if you have only had an hour of sleep, if you get out of bed and drink two or three big glasses of water straight away, you will rehydrate your body and almost trick it in to thinking that it has had more beneficial sleep and rest than it actually has. The sensation of drinking cold water will make you feel more awake, and you will also experience the added bonus of your metabolism being sped up thanks to the hydration.


Eat Some Protein to Fend off Exhaustion

clothing, blond, Ugh,, let's, get, It can be tempting to try eat a muffin or donut for a breakfast to give you sugar energy surge, but the thing is that though this might work in the short term, the sugar spike will not last long and you will be mega tired by 10:30am. Even if you are not in the mood, something like a full breakfast burrito is best because the rich protein content will serve for some slow release energy that will keep you awake and active for much longer.


Do Something Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge!

blond, finger, singing, thumb, I’m not saying to go out in your backyard and film yourself throwing iced water all over yourself, but the principle is essentially the same! You can really wake yourself up and stay awake for longer if you choose to have a short, sharp cold shower before you leave the house for work, school or wherever else you need to be.


Work on Your Eyes to Stop Them Looking Puffy

person, facial expression, emotion, skin, Puffy eyes are a dead giveaway of someone having pulled an all-nighter, so if you don’t have the time for a cold shower or a protein-packed breakfast, then the least you can do is to put a couple of cold soaked green tea bags over your eyes to reduce some of the puffiness. And of course, if you are a dab hand at make-up, then you can conceal a whole lot more!


Make Your Lips Bold to Detract from Your Tiredness

red, close up, lip, cosmetics, finger, Another great piece of makeup advice is to go for a really bold lip color. The look of your lips will draw attention away from the fact that you look like you could fall asleep at any minute, and the stream of compliments you receive for the color choice will keep you going!


Go Caffeine Free for the First Hour or so

person, photograph, black and white, painting, photography, Coffee might be the first thing that you think of going for, but leave off for a couple of hours to that you can ride on the wave of your body’s natural cortisol levels that are always at their highest in the morning. After that, caffeine can provide some artificial energy.


Use Concealer

human action, face, hair, person, nose, Want to hide those scary bags under your eyes? Slap on some concealer and use a yellow-green liner to counter the redness your eyes make be experiencing. If you're far too tired to even attempt some makeup, a nice pair of shades will always do the trick-however I don't know how you'll explain wearing them inside...


Don't Get Cozy

color, yellow, beauty, fashion, It may seem like a good idea to snuggle up in some cozy clothes after a long night of no rest, but this will just make you more tired. Instead, stick with a neutral outfit and bring some zing to your ensemble with a bright colored scarf or headband and throw on some earrings to attract attention away from your exhausted looking face.



human action, person, sports, physical fitness, muscle, Being exhausted may not seem like the time to do a full blown circuit workout-well it's not-BUT you definitely should do a light jog or even some yoga to wake up your body and boost some feel good endorphins throughout.

Of course, the best thing is to avoid all-nighters!

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Vitamins and some paracetamol. Lots of water and electrolyte supplements.

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