5 Simple Ways to Get the Beauty Sleep That Every Woman Deserves ...

By Keyera

5 Simple Ways to Get the Beauty Sleep That Every Woman Deserves ...

How to get beauty sleep into our busy days - is a question on many women's mind. Most of us have decided to give up on the idea altogether.

But there's nothing better for your beauty and your health than to doze off for 20-40 minutes in the middle of the day - to give your skin some time to recuperate and have those pretty eyes rest as well.

With these simple tips on how to get the beauty sleep you need, you'll be able to get a little nap even if you never could before, it's all about preparation, see below:

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Drink a Cup of Hot Tea before Going in for Your Beauty Sleep

flower, flower arranging, flower bouquet, floristry, tableware, Chamomile and Lavender tea are great options for those of us having a difficult time falling sleeping. Both teas put your body in a relaxed state, they calm down your nervous system and they make it easier for you to lie down and have a good beauty sleep.


Do a Little Yoga before Going in for Your Nap

denim, jeans, joint, leg, cool, YouTube has a variety of Yoga videos for people suffering from insomnia or individuals just looking to prepare their bodies for a deep rest. Most of these moves can be done in your bed so when you are finished, you can close your eyes and get a good night's sleep. Twenty minutes worth of poses and stretches can make a huge difference in how you sleep. They can make your beauty sleep deeper and more beneficial for your body and skin.


Curl up with a Book or a Magazine 15 Minutes before Your Beauty Sleep

food, When your mind is running one-hundred miles per hour sometimes you just need to curl up with a good book. Read something that isn't too intense like a biography or a self-help book that won't keep you awake and alert because of the suspenseful plot.


Use a Diffuser and Essential Oils in the Room Where You Are Going to Nap

purple, product, product, Add a few drops of lavender and peppermint oil to your diffuser so that you can breathe in the essence while you lie in your bed and relax your. If you do not have a diffuser you can add a few drops of lavender to your pillow.


Take a Hot Bath to Calm You down before Your Beauty Sleep

, There is nothing like dimming the lights and soaking in a hot bath. Light some candles, play some soft music and close your eyes. Let your body rest and forget about the stress. A little red wine doesn't hurt when it comes to winding down either, if it's your day off.

Do you know more tricks for preparing for a beauty sleep? Tell us below!

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