Legendary 🀘🏼 Tips to Help You Hide πŸ™ˆ the Signs You Pulled an All Nighter 🌜 ...

There are few women that can pull an all-nighter and not show the effects of sleep deprivation. It shows on your face, in your eyes and maybe even your body, if it slows down due to lack of repair and reinvigoration. But there are ways to fake it, to look like you still got your beauty sleep and to boost your energy enough to carry you through the day.

1. Get outside for Some Vitamin D

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One of the best hacks when you pulled an all-nighter is to, simply, get out in the sunshine! The temptation might be to close the blinds and stay in the comforting dark of your room until the very last moment, but the more time you give your body to get some Vitamin D on board, the more refreshed and normal you will look, even with no sleep! Getting out in to natural sunlight can help to β€˜reset’ your body clock and trick yourself in to going for another few hours before you completely crash.

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